We stand in solidarity with Jewish students victimised at this year's NUS Conference.

A stall belonging to the only Jewish students' organisation at NUS conference was singled out and vandalised, with stickers over the Star of David logo on their banners. This attack on the Union of Jewish Students runs against the anti-racist values of our movement.

We are proud of our diverse membership, and no student should be made to feel threatened or intimidated.

Regardless of our disagreements on Israel-Palestine, attacks such as this go beyond acceptable discourse into racism and discrimination.

An attack on Jewish students is an attack on all students.

NUS must remain a safe space for all students.


Liam Burns, NUS President

Pete Mercer, NUS Vice-President Welfare

Ed Marsh, NUS Vice-President Union Development

Dannie Grufferty, NUS Vice-President Society & Citizenship

Estelle Hart, NUS Women’s Officer

Rosie Huzzard, Sheffield College and Sheffield DWP PCS union activist

Daniel Lemberger Cooper, SURHUL President and ULU VP-elect

Jade Baker, NUS Women's Committee

Bob Sutton, Liverpool Guild of Students Vice President

Ilana Fenster, NUS Trustee

Leo Boe, Warwick Students’ Union

Callum Munro, Labour Students

Duncan Davis, Young Greens

Rachel Wenstone, NUS NEC

Tom Grandstuan, Labour Students

Jo Johnson, Leeds Met

P Pocknee, Hull

Emma O'Dwyer, Labour Students

Emma Wilson, Plymouth Students’ Union

Dan Shelton, Plymouth Students’ Union

Daniel Stevens, NUS NEC

Rory Mitchell, VP Finance-elect Loughborough Students’ Union

Alan Bailey, NUS LGBT Officer (Open Place)

Vicki Baars, NUS LGBT Officer (Womens Place)

Gary Spedding, Queen's University Belfast Students’ Union & President of QUB Palestine Solidarity Society

Ruth Nicholson, Royal Holloway, NCAFC NC

Michael Cheon, NEC

Rosie Huzzard, Sheffield College

Annie Tielbury, UCLU

K. Witman, Sheff College

J Marsh, Edinburgh

Ed Bauer, Edinburgh

Mike Williamson, Edinburgh

Daniel Lomberger, UCL VP Elect

Arianna Tassiman, SOAS SU

Chris Page (Cam SU)

Jade Butler (NUS Woman's Committee)

Esther Townsend (UELSU)

Fracesca Barco (Westminster)

Ellie Clarke (NUS FXU)

Lidia Kurasinithe (Westminster)

Naomi Beecroft (Edinburgh)

Abigail Banu (Edinburgh)

James Maledy (Westminster)

Hannah Hayes (Reading)

Alex Peters-Day, LSE Students’ Union General Secretary

Fatima Junaid, Cambridge

Selina Clarke - LSBU

Imail Faghmous - Bradford

Emma Meehan, University of Edinburgh Students’ Association

Kay Page, Aberystwyth University

Becca Hemmant, Bangor SU

Joanne Hacking, Bangor University

Jo Sutton, Bangor University

Fiona Wood, NUS NEC

Tom DeFraine, University of Birmingham

Joshi Sachdeo, NUS NEC (Black Students)

James Haywood, Goldsmiths Students’ Union

Lucy Sutton, Bangor

Joe Oliver, NUS NEC

Simon Patterson, Vice President University of Abertay Dundee Students' Association

Mohamed Harrath, LSE Students' Union Anti-Racism Officer-Elect

Lauren Crowley, NUS NEC

Ruth Graham, Cambridge University Students' Union

George-Konstantinos Charonis, NUS NEC

David Franklin, President-Elect, University of Birmingham Guild of Students

To add your name please contact Leo Boe (leo.boe@warwicksu.com).