Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does PC Updater work?

A:  Drivers are supporting software that help PC hardware interact

with other hardware devices. The existing drivers on your computer

may not be up to date and may need to be replaced. Most users find

it very difficult to update drivers themselves. It can be difficult to

determine which are the correct drivers, to locate them and to complete

the installation. The process usually takes hours, needs to be done every

few weeks, and causes a lot of frustration and headaches.  PC Updater

helps you update your drivers in minutes. Using our industry leading

driver database, PC Updater finds the latest and upgraded versions of

available drivers. PC Updater scans your computer, checks the existing

drivers against our database, and provides you with a list of outdated drivers

specific to your computer.  It then helps you quickly and safely download and

install the new versions, improving PC speed, stability and performance. PC

Updater also makes a backup of your old drivers before replacing them with

new ones. In the event that you are unhappy with a driver update, you

can use this function to restore your old driver.

Q:  I cannot activate my copy of RadarSync PC Updater, even
though I have a license key.

A:  Your firewall or anti-virus may be blocking your PCs connection to
RadarSync PC Updater.  To fix this issue, please open PC Updater, and
then download and install the following patch:   

After you have completed the installation, close PC Updater, then
re-launch it.  You should be able to complete your activation now.
If you still have problems, please contact support[at]radarsync[dot]com

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