Student: Reviewing Quizzes Moodle ISU


The quiz tool in Moodle ISU can be used to assess learning.  Sometimes assessments can be titled differently by your instructors.  They might be called exams, tests, quizzes, etc.  In this guide we will be using the term Quiz.

This guide will help you to understand:

Additional guides for more information about quizzes:

Review a Quiz Attempt

To view a quiz once it has been completed:

  1. Two options to access the quiz:



Note:  You will be taken to a Summary of Previous Attempts  page that shows the quiz and the attempts made.

  1. Click on the word Review to be taken to the Review of Attempts page.

Note: Instructors may choose to disable quiz review options.  If you do not see the option to review your quiz attempt, contact your instructor.  

Review of Attempts Page

The Review of Attempts page will show several informational tools available to you.  Information on the summary of attempts page includes:

Navigating to a Question from the Summary of Attempts Page

There are two options to navigate to questions:

Quiz Navigation

Question Answer/Feedback Area

Once in the Review Attempts Page you will be able to see:

Note:  You will only see information on this screen that has been released by the instructor.  Please contact your instructor with any questions.

General Information About the Quiz Attempt

If you have any additional questions regarding Moodle ISU, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 282-HELP (4357) or your instructor.

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