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Created by Maureen Devlin (updated 6/27/11)

I follow many wonderful educators on Twitter.  I favor their links when they related to my “questions asked.”  Here’s a list of links I will share with colleagues and revisit as I continue on my journey as an educator.  The best way to teach a project, is to do it first yourself documenting the steps and reflections along the way.


Links (notes)


Story Snoops: Helps children/teachers find just right books.

Rigor and Relevance Curriculum:  Teaching Essential Skills

Creating Content Vocab Lists from Digital Text

Great Canadian Literary Hunt

6 Traits of Writing

Book Reference:  The Books We Share

YouTube Poem Ad

How to Write eBooks That Sell

KidBlog Example

10 Interesting Ways to Teach Reading Comprehension in the Classroom

Vocab Aps

BookMark Factory

Digital Storytelling Aps

Writing Territories

The Power of Words

Family Book Blog

Shakespeare for Elementary School Students

Facebook Sonnet


Graphing Calculator Functions

Math Class Needs a Makeover


Social Media Inforgraphic

Computational Thinking

Bottled Water Use Infographic

Math Art

Environmental Infographics

The Power of Models

Teaching with Infographics

Math Newspaper

Welcome to Geometry

Imagining 10 Dimensions

Aps for creating charts, diagrams, visualizations

Math Anxiety

Math Channel YouTube

Power of the Number Line

Real World Math Problems

Scuba Diving in Belize - Real Life Math Unit


Social Studies

Ap Creation Unit

Video about Social/Economic Inequity

Wireless Electricity

Solar Powered Lap Top

Behind Scenes Doc Filming (MS or above)

StoryPaths: Problem Solving Approach to Social Studies

SM:  What Kind of User Are You? Infographic

Historical Images on Maps

Jeff Goldstein (Dr. Jeff)

Designing Games to Solve Real World Problems

Student Space Flight Experiments

Skype World Project

Animal Creator - iPad ap

Creating and Sharing Stories in Google Earth

Understanding Google Filters: Implications for Research



Project Based


Popplet:  Tool for online presentation, mindmapping, bulletin boards

Audio to Tweets

Imbedding YouTube Videos

Digital Corkboard

Project Based Learning Rationale

Essential Questions

Doink: iPad Animation

Cartoons, Comics and Animation Sites

PBL: Project Based Learning

Video Games and Learning

All Things Twitter


Project Based Learning Assessment



Teachers First: Article to guide global connections

Global Read Aloud

Refugee Day

Example of Children Making a Global Difference

Skype Info

Today's Meet


7 Steps 

Teachers are Educational Experts

Don't Stop Believing We Can Make a Difference

21st C Leader/Entrepreneur Perspective

Teacher Who Made a Difference

Tribute to Father, and Educator

Impact of Parents

Teacher Thinking Shapes Education

20 Proven Things All Leaders Do


Kristen Swanson Tedx


Special Education

Rethinking Special Education

Inclusion Perspective

Creative Commons,


YouTube and Creative Commons

Slides for Teacher Use

Yale Image Library

Curriculum Planning and Execution

Learning with IPads

Google Meets Bloom's

Paperless Curriculum Planning

Groupwork vs Teamwork

Social Emotional Learning

Student Led Instruction

Education is Broken (inspiration)

Humane Education

iPads in Education

QR Codes

Brain Based Teaching

Universal Design (UDL)

Employing Student-Owned Devices

Gaming in Education

International Schools: What We Can Learn

Digital Footprint

Digital Identity



Tech Teachers’ Digital Matrix

Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching Perspective

Social Skills - Building Relationships

Circle of Caring

Social Networking Study



Why Twitter is a Big Deal

Student/Teacher Learning Reflections

Art Retreat

Presentation Tips

Fine Arts Studio

Journaling as a PD Practice

ED Reform: Viewpoint of 3 Teachers


Google Bookmarks

Search with Images

Books to Read

Recommended by Diane Ravitch:  Read Darling-Hammond, Flat World; Richard Rothstein, Class and Schools; Koretz, Measuring Up; Harris, Myths of Standardized Test

Recommended by Franki Sibberson:  HIDDEN by Helen Frost and WONDERSTRUCK by Brian Selznick.

Recommended by Pink:  David Sedaris audiobook

Paul W. Hankins 5 of 5 stars to Behold the Bold Umbrellaphant by Jack Prelutsky

 Here, Bullet: War Described in Poetry

Harry and Me, Paulsen


I need the structure of grammar to write well. "Creativity arises out of the tension between spontaneity & limitations" - Author?

“Comparison - using correct grammar is like playing the right notes in a symphony.” - Diane Ravitch

“Teach for joy. Teach for beauty. Teach to touch students' hearts and stir their imaginations. Teach to make them care.” - Diane Ravitch

"How blue is the sky, how blue and tiny and redeemable everything is, even you, even your eyes, even your imagination." - One

“In a Nazi concentration camp, Trachtenberg kept his sanity developing mult/div shortcuts. The Trachtenberg method.”  - Dr. Jeff (explore with relation to computation)

 Joe Fahs :

“Used FaceTime for iPad to video chat w family at home while away at conference. Excellent quality. Rear camera handy for giving a tour.”

@LollyDaskal: in the new economy you will be compensated not by how hard you work but by how much value you add to the world around you.

PatrickatDS Patrick Donohue 

I am terrible at hula hopping, not a hands on learner, need manual

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By 2050, ~50% of the world's people will live on or near the coasts. So what happens if sea levels keep going up? - Natl Geographic