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The Question Bank in Moodle ISU allows you to maintain, organize, import and export your quiz and test questions. You can create question categories to aid in keeping your Question Bank organized and useful.

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Navigating the Question Bank

The Question Bank is located in the Administration block. To access your Question Bank you will need to do the following:

  1. In the Administration block, Click on the arrow next to Question bank to expand the Question bank list.

  1. Select from the list:

Category Setup and Management

  1. In the Administration block Click on the Questions Bank link.

  1. Click on Categories.

  1. Below the list of current categories you will see a form to add a new category.

  1. Choose the parent category in which your new category will be placed.

  1. Question category selector
  1. Placing your category in another category makes it a subcategory of the parent.
  2. Choosing Top means that your category is a top level category, not a subcategory. When more than one sharing context is available you can place your category as a top level category in any of the contexts.
  3. Notice you can choose to make your category a top level category in any context that is available to you. Or you can choose to add your category as a subcategory of another category in the same context.
  1. Type the name of your new question category in the text box.
  2. Add an optional meaningful description in the Category Info area.

  1. Click the Add Category button. Your new question category will appear in the list of current categories.

Deleting Categories

  1. To delete a category, Open the question bank.
  2. Click on the Categories tab.
  3. Click on the grey X next to the category you want to delete.


  1. If you try to delete a category containing questions, then you will be asked to specify another category to move them. You cannot delete or move the last category in any context, there must always be one category in a context.

Using Arrow Icons for Moving Categories

You can arrange the categories in a hierarchy so that they are easier to manage.

Hot Tip: See the tool tip that appears when you place the cursor above these icons if you're not sure what action an icon will perform. You cannot move the last category in any context; there must always be at least one category left in all contexts.

For more information please visit http://docs.moodle.org/2.5/en/Question_categories .

Hot Tip: Categories and sub-categories, etc., are very powerful when combined with random questions that can select either from one category or any of its sub-categories.

Viewing questions

To view your questions:

  1. Under the Question bank Click on the Questions link.


  1. Select a category from the dropdown list at the top. This should list the questions from the category.
  2. To display the questions including the sub-categories, Click on the Also show questions from sub-categories check box.
  3. To view old questions Click on the Also show old questions.
  4. To see both the name and the question text Click on the Show question text in the question list check box.

For information on creating questions and the types of question available see our handout Quiz: Adding Questions to Question Bank.

Preview Questions

The previewing question tool allows instructors to see how the question looks in a quiz.

To preview a question:

  1. Click on the Magnifying Glass icon beside the question.

Moving Questions to another Category

To move one question from a category to another:

  1. Select the question by Clicking on the check mark box beside the question.

  1. At the bottom of the page, Select the category where you want to move the questions.

  1. Click on the Move to button.

Deleting Questions

To delete questions from the course:

  1. Select the question from question list by Clicking on the check mark box beside the question.
  2. Click on the Delete button at the bottom of the page.  This will permanently remove the question from the course.

For more information please visit http://docs.moodle.org/2.5/en/Question_bank

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