Comic Book Podcast, Episode #27

Mr. Englehart … Big Fan! Big Fan!

*** No split show this week. Listening to Steve is good for everyone! ***


This week we interview the great and prolific Steve Englehart. Steve gives us a "No holds barred" look at the comic industry.

We find out what makes this creative genius tick. We cover all aspects of his career including:

  • His earliest comic memories
  • His first work in the comic industry
  • Working at Marvel and his departure
  • Revamping DC comics.
  • How the "Dark Knight" ripped off his "Dark Detective" story.
  • Creating the Ultraverse.
  • Starting Valiant and X-O Manowar.
  • Creating video games.
  • His departure to Europe, and writing his prose series.
  • The possibility of bringing his novels to the graphic medium.
  • His future plans.

All of Steve Englehart's work can be found at

There you can also find a list of everything Steve has worked on, and the list is STAGGERING!

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