29th January 2011

                                      FINAL INSTRUCTIONS

Organiser/CD – Dave Harris        trogon@mweb.co.za        083 449 5546

Venue organiser – Piet van Rooyen

Judges – Bob Skinner (Chief Judge), Paul Hearn, Ivan Olivier, Hermann Schreuder, Gavin Walton

Sponsors – MAD Models (Benoni), Frasers RC (Pretoria), RC Pilot (Kempton Park), Revo Hobbies (Pretoria North)

Public Address system – Gary Lees

Music – Dean

Secretary – Judy Harris

Venue – Hall “F”, Pretoria Showgrounds, Souter Street, Pretoria West

Start time is 08:00 and the finish will be 18:00

I would like to sincerely thank the 13 pilots (10 in Masters and 3 in Sportsman), the 5 judges, the sponsors, Piet van Rooyen, Gary Lees, Dean and Judy for your support for our second Indoor Challenge. Without you this prestigious event would not be possible.

Please read these Final Instructions in conjunction with the Event Announcement, Entry Form, Bulletin #1, Known Schedules, Freestyle and Obstacle Course information all of which has already either been sent out or is on the SAMAA Blog.

I apologise for the following mistakes in the Known Schedules……

Manoeuvre #2 Sportsman and Masters – should read “ 1 Inside loop on centre”.

Manoeuvre #8 Sportsman – should read “plane must perform a ½ loop”

Manoeuvre #8 Masters – should read “Horizontal Figure 8 on centre from left”

I have decided to extend the time for the Freestyle to Music to 2½ minutes. This was popular at the ETOC in the USA as some pilots use an intro or finale to their flights, which gives more visual impact to the spectators. This means each pilot will be timed from his signal to start judging for a minimum of 2 minutes or a maximum of 2½ minutes.

Pilots may use a third plane for the obstacle course, which must conform to the already published Rules.

Entry List:-

Sportsman Class:

Benjamin Fincham, Tiaan van Rooyen, Riaan van Wyk

Masters Class:

Neil Collins, Blake Dormer, Roston Dugmore, Christopher Harris, James Hill, Matthew Hirst, Dylan Roberts, Lawrence Robinson, Arney Seiling, Hennie Viljoen

The programme is attached to this e-mail.

Any pilots not flying on 2.4ghz, please advise me at the first Pilots Briefing.

Looking forward to seeing you all on 29th January for a great days aeromodelling.

Please spread the word as we want as many spectators as possible and entry into the hall is free.

Dave Harris