Reconnection Wellness News   

Volume 2, Issue 7

July 2012

Recipe of the Month

Berry Banana Smoothie

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cooking Time: 0 minutes

Yields: 1 serving


-1 cup organic almond, rice or coconut milk

-1/2 cup frozen blueberries

-1 medium banana, frozen

- 1 Tbsp almond butter

- 1 tsp raw honey

Directions: Blend together in a blender for about 30 seconds and enjoy!

Say It With Soul

“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.”


Kate Barvainis, MSEd, LMT

Holistic Health Counselor

Licensed Massage Therapist


Reconnection Wellness

13 Old South Street 2D

Northampton, MA 01060





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Day Lily

Photo by K. Barvainis

Try Something New

Summer is finally in fully force, and the living is easy! Do you notice how during summertime everything seems promising? The plants are in full bloom, and the sun feels great on your skin. The longer days give you boundless energy, making you feel like it’s possible to achieve all your desires and dreams. Why not harness this energy, ride the wave of summer and try something new?

Throughout the year we live at an intense pace (physical, emotional and mental), and we often get stuck in routine, either for the sake of efficiency or out of fear of unfamiliar territory. The lack of variety in doing the same things over and over not only stagnates our minds, but also our bodies and hearts. Hesitant to break your routine? It is interesting to note that fear and excitement have the same physiological expression in our bodies; it is our mind that classifies the feeling as either positive or negative. So the next time you consider a change in routine and your mind says “scary” see if you can re-frame it as “exciting!”

What is something you have never done before, or that you have wanted to do for a long time? Choose your own adventure: organize a kayak trip, take a dance class, do some traveling abroad or set a goal for a new personal challenge. Or try something simple, like discovering a new recipe or visiting a new town, restaurant or beach.

Whatever adventure calls to you, use this summer to make it happen and enjoy the life you came here for. Increasing new experiences and excitement in your life can decrease your need for and dependence on artificial stimulants like caffeine and sugar, leading to more vibrant health. Watch out for massive improvements in physical well-being, mental acuity and motivation, and have fun!

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