Textbook Preview: “Rome Relation”

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Instructions: Using your textbook, online textbook, or the internet in general, describe how each of the following relates to ancient Rome. Look the terms up in your resources and explain the “Rome Relation.”  Explain the relation with at least one complete sentence. For some, it may require more than one sentence.

Textbook Page Numbers: 258-327

1. Tiber River: Major river of Rome. The source of Rome’s fresh water.

2. Etruscans: Group of people that took over Rome, then defeated by Junius Brutus. They played a major role in shaping Roman culture. They taught the Romans how to build many things such as the Aqueduct.

3. Romulus and Remus: Legend says that twin boys, Romulus and Remus, were rescued by a she-wolf and raised to be strong young men. The twin boys then decided to each build a city, and Romulus’s city was the best. It eventually became Rome.

4. Tarquins: Ruling family of the Etruscans. They grew more and more cruel.

5. Republic: After the Tarquins were overthrown, the Romans set up a republic, which is a type of government that the leaders are elected by a vote.  

6. Legion: Small group of soldiers in the Roman Army. 6,000 men, then broken up into even small groups of 60-120. Great fighters.

7. Patricians and Plebeians: The two types of people in Rome. Patricians were the rich/wealthy landowners. The plebeians were the poor/common folk. 10% of the people were Patricians. 90% were Plebeians.

8. Government (pg. 269-270) Three groups of government. One group ran the government, one group made laws, and one group acted as judges. They also had a system of checks and balances.

9. Dictator: A leader with ultimate power.

10. Twelve Tables: Set of laws written down in ancient Rome that explained the rights of the citizens.

11. Punic Wars: Wars between Rome and their arch rival, Carthage. Rome was trying to stop Carthage from gaining more land.

12. Julius Caesar: Leader of rome. Great General of the army as well. He was very powerful. He was assassinated by members of the government who feared he was getting too much power. .

13. Pax Romana: Time of great peace in the Roman empire. 200 years of peace.