Hello 5th grade.  For this lesson you will look at several search sites and answer questions about the site.  Here are the specific directions:

1. Read this whole sheet.

2. Created a new google doc

3. Go to one of the following sites

4. Answer the following questions about the site in your Google Doc:

1. How can you search at this site?

List all that apply:

(keyword search, subjects by letter, ask a question advanced search, subject categories, picture search, sound search)

2. Do a search for information on Bolivia’s Water War.

What kinds of information are provided?

List all that apply:

(site title, grade level, whether site has illustrations, summary reading level, URL, subject, questions to ask)

3. What else can you do at this search site? List all that apply

(search lessons read/respond to message boards, submit a site, read questions from other kids, get homework help, play games, give and get advice, see a movie, chat, read comics, other)

4. What do you think about this search site?