How to make Minecraft Accounts for classrooms

  1. Use a random name generator to create names for students such as Choose non-sexed names - KIDS DO NOT NEED AND SHOULD NOT use their real names. Creating generics will allow you to use them again and again.
  2. Set up a gmail account for yourself. Word of warning: the email recovery method for multiple users is terrible.
  3. Set up a NEW gmail account for each of your new random names, this greatly improves the chances of you being able to recover a lost password.
  4. Note: You can use the Google trick : <> - Google will send all emails to the <username> account, and Minecraft will think it’s a unique email. This works - however if you lose a password, the site often will send you a list of usernames you own, but refuse to send passwords for any of them. (Welcome to Beta-ware). I recommend you take the time to set up single accounts and not take a short cut.
  5. Go to and sign up using the email address you created
  6. This means you have an account - this DOES NOT MEAN you can play the game.
  7. When logged in you need to go and buy your accounts, you can only buy 10 at a time at most. Go to (you have to be logged in to do this).
  8. Now log out
  9. recommend you create a Google doc with the email addresses you created (and gmail password), the username for the game (and the password, which I suggest you make them different) the gift code BEFORE you start redeeming them.
  10. Log back in with one of your usernames - and redeem one of the gift codes that Minecraft will have sent you.
  11. YOU HAVE TO BE LOGGED IN to do the above. Copy and paste your redeem code into the box and submit. It will tell you that your account is now PREMIUM.
  12. Now check the username and password work, by logging onto the game using the game client and selecting SINGLE player.

Tips and Tricks (from people who’vee learned the hard way)

You will need to do this for each account - regardless of whether you’ve used individual gmail addresses or the + trick. I REPEAT I do not recommend use of the + trick, as right now password recovery doesn’t actually recover a password, just which accounts you have.

Don’t give the students anything other than their username and a password. If they try to change the password via the Minecraft Website, it will send the passworld reset to the gmail account (if they use lost password).

If they go into their profile and do it - it WILL LET THEM. However, as you can recover what ever they changed it to using your gmail account, you can reset it.

THEY CANNOT update the email address that the account was registered to - AND NEITHER CAN YOU. Again, welcome to Beta-ware.

Finally - make sure YOU hold the account that you buy the gift codes with - as when you go to YOUR profile, you will see the usernames who have used the gift codes - however, don’t expect much in the way of correcting errors, this is Notch we’re talking about.