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Friday, Nov 18th

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Session 1

Will - western influences shape today’s middle east

Jon: “What makes Punks and Anarchists attractive.”

Mariah:  Marjane and feminism

Grant - use of black and white in story

Chris - How the West stereotypes the Middle East.

Session 2

Tucker - Muslim leaders have perpetuated stereotypes

Dan - use of drugs in Persepolis 2

Sydney - adjusting to a new society - communication and assimilation

Chandler - absent

Adam - absent

Session 3

Cody - how people live two lives in Iran - rebellion for identity

Jesse - how the outside world forces Marjane to change

Holly - how Marjane ‘raised’ herself - independence and family

Erin “The Revolutionary Child”

Kailey: Marjane’s homeless life leading to her failed suicide.

Session 4

Aydan - religous roles in the book

Nate F. - second half of book her identity and culture connection

Sarah: Living with someone you can’t talk to.

Sally - escapism - not only how but also the downward spiral

Liz - freedom away from Iran - does it actually make her more free

Session 5

Nate C. - how negative influences shaped her to who she is

Sara: Assimilation in  moderation

Maura - Why did Marjane’s father allow her to get married if he knew it would fail?

Alex - absent

Tyler: The communication of Marjane & the world.

Safe Spot

Door Corner

Flag Corner

Desk Corner

Center Spot