Lab D Transcript:

(To Class) Guys, come on in. Give me a big line right now, hurry up, hurry up. Everyone same line, join, join shoulders. Hurry up, hurry up. Everyone, big line. Left, right, straight arms, spread out.  Right, left, right. Alright does anyone know why we just did that? Cuz were working out our legs today. Come on in a little closer. My name is Mr. Espejo, that’s how you say it in Spanish.  What we are going to be going over today, does anyone know how that is pronounced?

(To Student) Say it louder

(To class) Sepak Takraw. Back in the ancient times over in east Asia, it was the name was Sepak Raga and it was played in the Mele states of the countries of Singapore and Brunei. Modern day it turned from, turned into sepak takraw. And sepak takraw simply means to kick the ball. So we are playing kickball. But no the kickball u guys know. But um it’s a it’s a game that incorporates soccer, badminton, volleyball and gymnastics. And you’re going to see why gymnastics is a incorporated here because the stuff a-a-e-acrobatic stuff they do.  The uhh balls they they are, the balls that they use is woven material, this is the ancient one that they use. It looks like would, its its very firm material, its actually very rough and they actually took, got rid of that and now they use a synthetic material. Its a lot safer and a lot more durable. Umm these are some of the rules and regulations. Its it used a badminton net and a badminton court as you see behind you, that’s why those are set up. A team consists of 3 members and its called a Ragu. Players are prohibited from using their hands and arms so your only allowed to use your feet, and head. So you can head the ball. Um players can touch the ball up to three times a possession consecutively,  so three times and then over. Players positions do not have to rotate. Like how in volleyball you have to rotate to serve, you can move wherever you want.  Were going to watch a full video and your going to see why gymnastics is in here.  Its actually pretty phenomenal stuff that they do. Look at the backflip, full backflip and spikes the ball. That’s the service right there. Nice high kick like in the kick-line you just did. And that’s a block. This blue team is the best team in the world. It’s the Thailand team. That was a full backflip and he landed on his feet. Alright who wants to try it? Whose doing the first backflip? Alright, so what were going to do right now, just to warm it up a bit, uhh just a fallover fallover from last class, were going to each, each get a ball and volle3y with yourselves, try and get ten in a row, what you want to, what a cues you want to learn is um when your volleying to yourself um you want your foot flexed cuz if you have your toe pointed, you drop it then its just gonna go away from you. My foot flexed, just like that, I know it looks like a broken ankle but its fine, foot flexed and the balls going to come, come right back to you.  So everyone grab a ball, get some space so were not kicking the balls at someone else’s head.  When you hear my whistle, stop and put the balls on the ground and pay attention.

(To Eric) Grab some volley balls

(To Class) Does everyone have a ball? When you get ten in a row, let me know.

(To Ryan) Nice job Ryan.

(To Class) Guys not over the net yet. We will progress into that, just volley to yourself

(To Student) Keep your foot flexed so it comes back to you.

(To Class) Alright, balls on the ground. Find a partner, decide who is going to start with the ball, then get against the wall, hurry up. Does everyone have a partner? Alright, can you guys go down there so there is more room? Thank you. Alright what you’re going to do is. Put that ball down, get against the wall. One partner is going to toss it and the other is going to kick it right back. Then I would catch it and toss it. Going to have a nice little volley. One kick, catch, one kick, catch.

(To Steve) Nice

(To Class) Balls down.  Everyone come on in, bring it in. bring it in, over here. We’re going to do a little serving.  Can you grab those balls and stand on the side for me? Back up a little bit. So when you serve, your partner tosses the ball in and you have to stay inside a circle. On an actual sepak takraw court there is a serving circle in the middle here and you have to have one foot in the circle at all time. Your partner is going to toss it you and it’s going to go right over. Just like that. On this one you don’t want your foot flexed cuz it’s goin to come right at you. On this one you want your toes pointed just like in the kick-line so it will go right over. One more time, whoops that was my bad. Nope, alright. There we go. Alright, let’s give it a shot. Hurry up. Alright come on in, bring it in. Fun on three, 1-2-3 FUN!