At your table, come up with a list of lessons, activities and opportunities - report out here

Type your ideas in the colored box below

Group One

open ended project with authentic audience ex. Khan Academy style video for math class

also -- game based learning (like stock picking challenges for math & accounting classes)

Group Two

using actual electricity simulation teamwork in nursing

Meiosis simulation using Paper 53

Collaborative learning given one quiz to a group and all worked together but all had to show at least two parts of the solution

Use of clickers to access where they are at the moment providing rue teaching moments.

Poll everywhere another is top hat, Socrative for polling groups

Edmodo Post a question and they all respond

Group Three

  • Using wikis for group discussion forum
  • Live tweeting a real-world event or participating in the event and reflecting on it later
  • Blogging, commenting on other’s work (not allowed to be anonymous)
  • Establish rules of engagement as a way for students to set boundaries
  • Peer reviewing

Group Four

Reverse engineering AutoCAD- group participation

Library Book Recommendation- based on the school web page- allows kids to make reading suggestions

Assigning Roles for group projects

Group Five

Group Six

Socratic Seminar

Remind 101- Mass texting to students


Guided Webquest and Webquests

All class presentation - pitch a Public Service Announcement to fix the electoral system

Twitter - State of the Union

Blogging - Reflection

1:1 Communication