Flow Experiment Setup Guidelines

  1. Provide Negative Controls (Unstained cells)

  1. Provide Single color controls for compensation (for each fluorochrome used). Use highly expressed antibodies for your compensation fluorochrome (an antibody that will stain definitively positive for each fluorochrome

  1. Use FLUORISH (http://www.fluorish.com/) to assist you in setting up your fluorochrome panel.

  1. Use BD Falcon Tubes 12x75mm, 5ml Polystyrene Round Bottom (Catalog# 352054): http://catalog.bd.com/bdCat/viewProduct.doCustomer?productNumber=352054

  1. If your cells don’t need to be acquired live, please fix your cells in 1%-2% paraformaldehyde, or the fixative that corresponds to your experiment (ie. ethanol or BD Fixative).

  1. Please complete the Service Request Form online and review your completed information in the Service Request Form email.

  1. For specialized panels, please contact us (858) 552-8585 x5933.