Custom Tabs on Facebook and Advertising with a specific Target landing Tab

Created November 2010 by Kemp Edmonds. Subject to becoming out of date.

Step 1: Go to Click the “Create a page” button in the top right corner.        Create your page!

Step 2: Go to Facebook input: “Static FBML” into the search box. Click the Application. Click “Add to Page” on the left-hand side of the page under the image or lack of image.

Step 3: Go to click “Pages I Admin” on the upper second from the left. If this is the only page you have ever created skip to Step 4. Click the page you just added the “Static FBML” feature to. Now click “edit page”.

Step 4: Click “Applications” down a bit on the left hand side. Find the Static FBML application and click the “Go to Application” link just under the application info.

Step 5: You should arrive on a page like this:

Step 6: Be sure to rename this tab something like: “Welcome” or “Join Us!” Google “How to add ____ to my FBML tab” or try these links for:

Step 7: To send visitors to your FB page to your custom tab go to your page. Click “edit page” on the left hand side under the image. Click “manage permissions” at the top of the list on the left. Then choose “Default Wall Tab” and change it to the custom tab you renamed in step 7.

Step 8: Time to push some people to your tab and see how they react! Go to and create an add for the Facebook page you were just on. Be sure to target people who are likely to be receptive to your page.