Preparing for the ‘Final Exam’!

Hi, all!

To prepare for your final, remember to eat and sleep well.

We’ll be taking the third benchmarking exam of the course.  Do you remember the exam we took early in the year and again at Mid-year?  We’ll be doing that again.

This should give me some good information about what we have learned, actually remember, and can apply.

If you need to study, I’d recommend you review the literary terms we’ve studied.  Those are found in the unit introductions and the introductory text before each thing we read.

You’ll need to answer questions much like these:

My Brother's Gift

by T. Herlinger



He doesn't shoot hoops with us


or kick the soccer ball.


On Saturdays, when the sun


is shining bright,


he hears a different call.


No sports or games can lure him


from his easel or his chair,


not even the joys of a glorious day


playing in the fragrant spring air.


My brother would rather paint a picture


of the world through his mind's eye


or sketch from his upstairs window


a river barge floating peacefully by.


Sometimes, I watch him working,


as he paints with both mind and heart.


He never notices that I'm standing there,

so engulfed is he in his art.


My friends don't understand my brother.


They assume there must be something wrong.


When we head for the ski slopes or the gym,


they don't get why he never comes along.


They say he's a wimp or a weakling,


but they don't know my brother; it's true.


So I invited them home to see for themselves


what my brother and a palette of paints could do.


I asked my brother if he'd let my friends watch,


and he shyly told me, "Okay."


So they stood in the doorway while he worked his magic,


and they learned something new that day.


With a gift both strange and beautiful,


my brother sketched my friends and me


shooting hoops in the driveway below his window,


all from his memory.

1. How does the speaker's brother like to spend his spare time?


painting a picture



kicking a soccer ball



playing baseball



going to the gym

2. What does the phrase "through his mind's eye" mean in line 11?


The speaker's brother prefers to paint what is out his window.



The speaker's brother prefers to paint from his imagination.



The speaker's brother has a talent for drawing maps of the world.



The speaker's brother has dreams about being a famous painter.