Dyslexia Training Institute, San Diego

Los Angeles Branch of IDA

Northern California Branch of IDA

San Diego Branch of IDA

Southern California Tri-Counties Branch of IDA

L D Association of California

     Central Coast/Santa Clara Valley

     Los Angeles LDA

     Northern California/East Bay

     Orange County LDA

     Pomona Valley/Inland


American Dyslexia Association

AVKO Dyslexia Research Foundation

Dyslexia Foundation

International Dyslexia Association

Learning Disabilities Association of America

L D Online

National Center for Learning Disabilities

National Institute for Learning Development


Codpast: a fresh and contemporary resource for students and adults with Dyslexia

Learning Ally: Helping Blind, Visually Impaired & Dyslexic Students Thrive, the world’s largest collection of human-narrated audio textbooks and literature

Learning Disabilities: Assistive Technology

Abilility Hub: info on adaptive equipment and alternative methods

ABLEDATA: products classified by function or special features

AccessSTEM: Alliance for Students with Disabilities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Closing the Gap: changing lives with assistive technology

Dyslexia HELP at the University of Michigan: Software & Assistive Technology

International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet: Resources Related to Dyslexia

Tools for Life: GA Assistive Technology Act Program

UW: Access Technology Center

UW: Assistive Technology used by DO-IT Scholars


There’s A Special App For That: for students with special needs