revised October 10, 2011

The following are Constitutional Amendments proposed and introduced to the voting body of Pi Sigma Alpha by Kyle Brady, President, for consideration and ratification.  Ratification will occur during the second meeting following the present one, dated October 11, 2011, and must receive a two-thirds favorable vote in order to pass into an Amendment - each will receive a separate and independent vote.

Article V.

Section 6.        The Cabinet, all members of which hold officer status, consists of the Social Chair, Fundraising Chair, Historian, Membership Recruitment Chair, Public Relations Chair, Scholarship Chair, and Special Projects Officer.  

Article VI.

Section 5.        The Social Chair shall:

a.        address all issues of event organization and management, excluding regular meetings;

b.        work in association with the Public Relations Chair for the promotion of events;

c.        chair any subcommittee related to public and private events, excluding Convocation;

d.        co-chair the subcommittee on Convocation;

e.        report progress to the Executive Board during each meeting.

Section 6.        The Fundraising Chair shall:

a.        devise and submit proposals to the Executive Board to raise chapter funds;

b.        aim to support growth and outreach of the chapter, through the financing of activities;

c.        report progress to the Executive Board during each meeting.

Section 7.        The Historian shall:

a.        create and/or update the Official History of the chapter, a minimum of once per semester;

b.        take digital photographs of chapter events, to be given to the Executive Board for archival and publishing purposes;

c.        report progress to the Executive Board during each meeting.

Section 8.        The Membership Recruitment Chair shall:

a.        seek to expand and cultivate the membership body of the chapter;

b.        hold a membership drive a minimum of once per semester;

c.        report progress to the Executive Board during each meeting.

Section 9.        The Public Relations Chair shall:

a.        handle all Public Relations activities, including, but not limited to, announcing meetings, answering phone calls, answering emails, answering mail, community outreach, promoting events, and membership communications;

b.        use all reasonable forms of media and promotion available, including, but not limited to, the official website and social media profiles, email, newsletters, flyers, and intra-department communications.

c.        co-chair the subcommittee on Convocation;

d.        work in association with the Social Chair to promote events;

e.        report progress to the Executive Board during each meeting.

Section 10.        The Scholarship Chair shall:

a.        promote the academic scholarship of chapter members;

b.        seek to expand the scholarly interests and abilities of chapter members;

c.        report progress to the Executive Board during each meeting.

Section 11.        The Special Projects Officer shall:

a.        submit proposals for the receipt of grant funding through the Pi Sigma Alpha Chapter Grant Activity Competition to the Executive Board no later than the fourth week of the semester;

b.        seek to engage in Special Projects throughout the year;

c.        report progress to the Executive Board during each meeting, when presently involved in, or having recently concluded, a Special Project.

Article VII

Section 6.        Yearly elections must occur during the third calendar week of April, wherein the Executive Board positions must be filled and all other, non-Executive Board positions offered to students eligible for nomination.  Students are considered eligible for nomination if they are scheduled to be attending San Jose State University the following Academic Year; although graduating or terminating students may vote, they may not be nominated for election.

Section 7.        In the event that an election is not held within the period described in Article VII Section 6, the Chapter Advisor has the right to appoint interim members of the Executive Board, following the same requirements for eligibility as described in Article VII Section 6, who will call and hold elections during the second week of the following Academic Year for all positions.  During these elections, the Executive Board must seek the confirmation of their appointments.

Article IX

Section 7.        The members of the Executive Board are required to attend all Pi Sigma Alpha meetings.  A failure to attend two consecutive meetings within a given Academic Year and two nonconsecutive meetings within a given Semester result in the presumption and acceptance of the relevant Executive Board member’s resignation.

Section 8.        All officers of Pi Sigma Alpha are requested to wear professional attire when attending meetings.

Article XIII

Section 1.        Regularly scheduled and posted office hours must be held each week by at least two members of the Executive Board in the Pi Sigma Alpha office, in a set rotation for the entire length of a semester.  The rotation shall be determined during, or prior to, the first week of every semester and be no less than five cumulative hours per week.  Extraordinary, irregular circumstances may allow for alterations from the posted schedule, with notification to and the approval of the Executive Board.