Bronyville Episode 042 - Friendship in Meatspace

Time : Saturday, February 19th @ 8pm PST

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Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 42 recorded on February 19th, 2012. I am your host Apple Cider



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Books! [fanfic suggestions]

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Episode Discussion: A Friend in Deed


Hello, mah Bronies.

I'm going to try to keep this eMail short and simple. I am, in essence, a freelance artist/programmer, and I sell my talents in a commission-based product-per-product system. In the past, I've made and sold generic things such as a dice-rolling program or a picture of a furry's fursona. However, all of this was 100% my own intellectual property. I am now getting to the point that people are asking me to draw ponies for them, as they believe my style is perfect for drawing ponies (here's a sample of something I did for a friend if you want a reference: My qualm with this is "where is the line between selling my own art and infringing on Hasbro's copyrights"? I will never use actual frames from the show or pictures of their toys; everything is hoof-drawn by myself. However, there certainly must be some things I cannot draw because of copyright law. My question is: where is the line between copyrighting and selling my own content and violating and selling Hasbro's copyrighted content?

Goodnight and Big Macs,

~Supuhstar (AKA Digit Shine)

Pee Es:

You said that the formula for a mate's minimum age is (yours + 7) / 2 on Bronyville, but I heard from other, more knotty, sources, that it is (yours / 2) + 7. I think the "correct" one, if there is one, is (yours / 2) + 7, as if it were the other, I could ethically date a 14-year old, as opposed to a 17.5-year-old. Just saying. For posteri-neigh.

Greetings Acey and Seaess,

Love the show. Thank you for reading my email last week.

Two things in this email: a funny story and a question.

I have a routine where I go to my local YMCA to workout after work, and take my 19 month old son with me so my wife can have a little break from him. They have a little child care place where he can play and be watched while I hit the treadmills. Yesterday when I returned to pick up my son I found him in the middle of playing with a few other children.... with a My Little Pony playset and dolls. From the look of the playset and dolls, my guess is that they were G3 ponies, but still Ponies none the less. I may have to get the new playset just so I can donate it to the YMCA so the children have a 'proper' set of ponies to play with.

The topic of merch leads me to my 2nd question. I am very much a stabled brony. The only RL person in my life who knows of my love for the show is my wife. She isn't a fan, but tolerates my bronyness. With the new toys coming to Mcdonalds, I've been sorely tempted pick a few up to keep near my computer at home... and at work. My worry is that my co-workers might think me too much of a wierdo if I suddenly start sporting ponies on my desk. On the other hoof, my workplace isn't SUPER strict, and my female co-worker who sits next to me has a Hello Kitty calendar proudly displayed in her cube, so it might be safe for me to have a few ponies.

I'm torn and would like some advice.

Your Faithful Listener,


I'll first say you guys are the bees knees! My question er should i say problem/question is that nobody besides a few people ive meet online know im a brony. I know i'd get a bunch of crap from my friends and my family is weird ill just say that. I've only been a brony for 3ish months. I live in Austin Tx. and my question is what would be a good way to tell people im a brony?


Hay there AC, Chef Sandy and guest


I just wanted to let you know that you guys are doing a super special awesome job entertaining us audience.


No question really but just wanted to tell you guys a story that happened to me, I’ve join a facebook group called “Malaysian Bronies Society” and it has been the best decision life. I’ve just join the group for only two months and I’ve gotten so many good friends and I even manage to make them some cool pony buttons.

On February 11th 2012 our group had its 5th meet up (my first) pony meet up dub the “MBS: ArtJam”. Being far away from the meet up location I’ve ask the members of the group if I could stay with them for the meet up and one of them kindly open his home to me (shout out to Aaron you rock) and he introduce me to his family and showed me around.

So on the day of the meet up I’ve met a lot of bronies and it was the most super special awesome day ever... dare I say it was 20% cooler. We learn how to draw ponies and some of them even taught us how to compose music. It was all around an awesome day. (here is the post on EQD for more details

And since this is getting TLDR (to long didn’t read) I’ll just said that a group of us gather at a friend’s house and watch the episode live (11pm our time) and I’ve recorded the groups reaction... I would post the link... but I don’t want to get in to trouble with them. Let’s just say that within the first second a guy got shush.


From your faithful Listener

Norman Sanzo

Ps. Fluttershy is best pony but Twi and RD are tied for second place

P.s.s.: If you’re wondering how the button's design look like I'll add a picture for you to see.

Hey guys!

I really enjoy listening to your podcast, and I enjoy the custom ponies on your website banner.

I've been a fan of Friendship is Magic sense Sonic Rainboom, and a Sonic fan even longer.

I wanted to ask if you guys have seen the similarities between the 1993 Sonic and Rainbow Dash.

If you think about it, other than going fast, Sonic and RD are both loyal to their friends.

Even when they get the opportunity of a lifetime, They are both able to see that friendship is more important.

They also enjoy being in the spotlight, and being number one. If they think someone else can do something amazing,

they'll both do their best to prove them wrong. Sonic is always trying to impress Princess Sally, the same way that RD

is always trying to impress the Wonderbolts. I've been trying to think of even more reasons why they're alike,

and I would like if you could help me think of some. By the way, I am an artist and have been drawing ponies

for things like MARVEL Comics and Final Fantasy, and I would really like to show you guys, so tell me if you would

like to see them.

Bronies 4ever,

Cloud ShinRa 7.

PS, Anti-Derpy is best pony.

PSS, Anti-Derpy is a name that I gave to that pony that looks like Derpy, but has regular eyes, and a different

cutie mark. FTW

Dear Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, and guest(s),

It's going on 4 in the morning as I'm writing this, but I was just listening to your latest podcast before going to bed, and there were a few questions that I decided I should try to ask you guys before I fell asleep and forgot them for-everrr.

First off, I was just wondering who chose the outro songs for your podcasts, and if there was any sort of a science behind it, or if you just put on whatever you'd heard good things about or had stuck in your head.

Second, I was just wondering if there was any reason why your guests never seem to get to remind your faithful weekly listeners of your excellent sponsor, WeLoveFine (use the coupon Bronyville10 at checkout to receive 10% off of your purchase, or use the coupon code Equestria10 if you're feeling particularly ornery) at the beginning of the show, or if that's just how things always seem to turn out.

While I had a third question at some point, I'm afraid that it's late enough and I'm tired enough that I've forgotten it already, so I'll just wrap this up by saying that I really do enjoy your show, and I do hope you keep up the good work.

Yours truly, H-land

PS Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle are best ponies

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Dear Princess Celestia,

What a whirlwind week! First Sandykins come all the way over to Califoalia to attend Animation on Display and then we proceed to record a full episode with our friend Eurobeat Brony. Much shenanigans about message boards, Tara the Twitter troll, and cupcakes both good and not-so-good abound. And, special announcements about a super-de-duper Extra episode later this week as well! Huzzah!


Apple Cider

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