Metrolina Library Association.  Minutes of the Board Meeting, 1-19-2011        2



WED. JAN. 19TH, 2011, 2 P.M.

Central Piedmont Community College, Harris Campus, Building I room 1226

3210 CPCC Harris Campus Drive, Charlotte

Board Members Present: Valerie Freeman, LaJuan Pringle, Seth Allen, Cheryl Ann Coyle, Danelle Eads, Joe Eshleman, Judy Geczi, Beth Martin, Lauralee McDonald, Frank Newton, Doug Short, Greta Wood.

1. Minutes of Last Board Meeting.  Frank distributed written minutes of the November 17th Board meeting, and they were approved.

2. Treasurer's Report.  Doug reported that we have over $8,000.

3. Program Planning -- Spring Program (LaJuan).  The spring program is tentatively set for March 16th, 3 p.m., at Imaginon Library.  The Board favored having a moderator for the panel discussion.  We may be able to offer the spring program free of charge.

4. Program Planning -- 2011 Information Literacy Conference (Valerie).  Kee Malesky has confirmed as keynote speaker.  She plans to fly in in the morning and fly out in the evening (meaning no motel tab for Metrolina to pay); that's all right with the Board.  Valerie has the impression she may not charge a fee.  Lauralee volunteered for the Information Literacy Committee.

5. New Board Member.  Valerie appointed Danelle Eads of UNC-Charlotte as new Board member at large; Danelle expressed interest.

6. Publicity.   Seth volunteered to take over the Publicity position on the Board.

7. Program Planning -- 2011 Information Literacy Conference -- Additional Discussion. 

(a) Joe suggested we brainstorm an alternate speaker in case Kee Malesky couldn't come at last minute.  Several ideas were tossed out, but no followup planned for now.  The idea of persuading somebody to volunteer to be a "reserve speaker" in case someone else didn't show up seemed like a tough sell to the Board.

(b) Doug asked what about a theme for the June conference?  Last year we had four named tracks, but no overarching theme.  No decision was taken.

8. Plans for 2012 (LaJuan).  For the 2012 Information Literacy Conference, LaJuan proposed a tentative date of Thurs. June 14th, 2012.

9. Next Meeting will be Wed. Feb. 16th at 2 p.m. at the same location (CPCC Harris Campus).

Respectfully submitted,

Frank Newton

MLA Secretary