OpenStreetMap Foundation

Licensing Working Group

  Tuesday 17th January 2012

19:00 - 20:00 GMT

Agenda & Minutes


Present: Henk Hoff, Simon Poole, Richard Weait, Michael Collinson, Dermot McNally, Oliver Kuehn

Apologies: Grant

Minutes by: Michael

1. Adoption of Minutes of last meetings

The LWG last met January 10th for a long-form meeting.

Proposed: Richard

Seconded: Simon


2. MATTERS ARISING (open action items from previous meetings)

  • Grant - Get a license and attribution page link as an XML Comment into these APIs: Rails API. (patch done but not live)
  • Mike -  combine Bing Imagery License comments as a succinct list for forwarding to Microsoft legal.
  • Mike - Incorporate into foundation landing page
  • Mike - Provide text to Grant re and friends in Sept 20th minutes. Addition: Pay attention to Poland UMP-pcPL project
  • Dermot and Richard will contact four people we have identified for per change-set CT acceptance (Oct 25 minutes) Ongoing
  • Richard will send an English version to anyone with Tagalog as first preference (there turned out to be no undecided contributors with this setting, so all Philippine undecided should have received two mailings, remapping will now commence there)
  • Oliver - to contact Osnabruck City council to clarify if Council/donor has OK’d ODbL for Frida project import. (done - council will discuss internally)
  • Simon - “Lost Mappers” Does UK Data Protection Act allow specified individuals? Ask Tom (done)
  • Mike - Cyprus - major historical undecided user, tomasCY follow up if a friend of Steve? (done. Had some interaction but that was all; no contact details)
  • Henk - Japan argath import. Ask if it could go now.?

3. Finalise today's agenda

4. Ulf Möller

The LWG was shocked to learn of the senseless murder of our friend and colleague Ulf Möller.  Ulf was a hard working and much appreciated member of the LWG from April 2009 through 2010. He contributed much to our input to the Open Knowledge Foundation regarding OBbL 1.0 drafting and also to our own drafting of a completely new set of contributor terms which we hope gives OSM contributors the flexibility to choose the most appropriate licensing conditions over many years to come.  We offer our condolences to Ulf’s family.

5. Database contact and re-map

Pilot contact-then-remap programs were launched in the UK, Philippines, Canada, USA via the country mailing lists. Also France has or will start shortly. Island of Ireland well in hand already. The common themes are:

  • to advertise OSMI License View as a way mappers can look at their own areas,
  • suggest, unless already done, personal efforts to reach undecided mappers. These have been very effective in the UK.
  • Start remapping using local knowledge, info clearly from agreeing mappers, Bing imagery and country-specific resources.

Anyone making personal contact with undecided mappers is ask to log their contact at

On a global basis, over 97.00% of nodes and 96.4% of highways [1] are now by folks who have accepted the new terms. Globally the number of problematic nodes is down from 36 million last week to 33M.   Relations that may not survive the license change is down 4,000 [2]. Ways have not shown much movement, perhaps due to countervailing adjustments in how the metric is calculated.

[1] Based on node count,

[2] "Nodes Created" 

A worldwide version of Simon’s web-based map of what the ODbL “Clean” and “Bad” map has now been released. Simon notes that it is not running on a very powerful machine.

Czech Republic and Poland discussed.

Mike - Improve UMP acknowledgement on our website.

Response from Pavel

7. Database re-build

- Questions to legal counsel on GPX traces and bot changes

With legal counsel.


- 160 German-speaking decliners (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Simon has drafted a letter kindly asking them to reconsider and participate with us in the transition. The LWG would like to send this out.

- UK Ordnance Survey.

Clarification has now been received that OS cannot OK use of Codepoint (postal code) data in ODbL despite trying. Our thanks to OS contact for trying.

- South Africa

Agreement for use of South African national government map data now with the agency for signing. However, some supplementary documents also now need signing at our end.  Mike to action.

- Countries where data collections is not officially allowed (China, India, …)

Not discussed

Next Meeting:

Tuesday Jan 24th 11:00 PST / 14:00 EST / 19:00 UTC / 19:00 GMT(UK) / 20:00 CET