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Anne’s list:

Women who would be good speakers at a computational meeting 

Assembled by Anne Churchland, with input from Yael Niv and Adrienne Fairhall. Please feel free to contact me to nominate yourself or a colleague

I originally assembled my list to aid in choosing speakers for the Cosyne meeting. Cosyne presenters are therefore indicated as such. More information about me can be found on my lab website and on our blog 

Post tenure level

Theoretical emphasis:


1. Adrienne Fairhall (UW). Adaptive coding, sensory processing COSYNE 2010

2. Nancy Kopell (BU) The role of oscillations in neural processing

3. Naama Barkai (Haifa) Genetic regulation in cell populations; network adaptation

4. Sara Solla (Northwestern) Using statistical mechanics to analyze complex systems COSYNE 2011

5. Yiota Poirazi (FORTH) Modeling of neural/dendritic computations for learning & memory

6. Jeanette Kotaleski (Karolinska) Information processing, rhythm generation and learning in motor systems


Systems with a theory bent:

1. Eve Marder (Brandeis) How intrinsic properties of neurons give rise to circuit function COSYNE 2011

2. Jennifer Raymond (Stanford) Neural circuits for motor learning in the cerebellum COSYNE 2009

3. Daphne Bavalier Understanding how humans learn and adapting to changing sensory environments  COSYNE 2010

4. Ione Fine (UW) Using fMRI to understand visual function and plasticity

5. Marisa Carasco (NYU): psychophysics, attention

6. Dora Angelaki (Baylor College of Medicine) Multisensory integration for navigation COSYNE 2006

7. Gay Holstein (Mt Sinai). What happens to rats when they go into space! (vestibular)

8. Lynne Kiorpes (NYU) Neural mechanisms that underlie development of the primate visual system.

9. Gina Turrigiano (Brandeis) Homeostatic mechanisms

10. Kathy Cullen (McGill): Visual-vestibular interactions for self motion

11. Allison Doupe (UCSF) Neural basis of vocal learning in songbirds

12. Annette Werner (Tuebingen) Color vision and adaptation

13. May-Britt Moser (Stockholm) Hippocampus and navigation

14. Cynthia Moss (Hopkins) Bats  

15. Preeti Verghese (Smith Kettlewell) Probing vision with signal detection theory and psychophysics

16. Pam Reinagel (UCSD) Vision and rat behavior

17. Yang Dan (Berkeley) How visual information is processed, encoded and shaped by experience COSYNE 2005

18. Marla Feller (Berkeley) Mechanisms that guide assembly of neural circuits during development

18. Michele Basso (UCLA) Vision, sensorimotor integration

19. Judith Hirsch (USC) Thalamocortical circuits for visual processing

20. Sabine Kastner (Princeton) Attention COSYNE 2008

21. Jennifer Linden (University College London) Auditory perception and learning

22. Carol Barnes (University of Arizona) Hippocampus and spatial learning/memory

23. Margaret Livingstone (Harvard University) Structure and function of the visual system.

24. Jennifer Groh (Duke): Spatial processing in vision, hearing, and eye movements

25. Anna Roe (Vanderbilt University) Neural circuits and functional organization underlying visual/tactile behavior.

26. Heather Read (U. Conn) Cortical and brainstem circuits for processing auditory inputs

27. Lena Ting (Georgia Tech) Neural control of movement, balance

28. Anitha Pasupathy (U Washington) Processing of complex visual inputs

29. Sarah Jayne Blakemore (UCL) Using fMRI to understand decisions in adolescence

30. Tania Pasternak (U. of Rochester) Cortical circuitry underlying memory guided sensory decisions

31. Leslie Kay (U. Chicago) Sensory processing in rodents with a focus on olfaction

32. Beth Buffalo (U. Washington) Neural mechanisms of learning and memory

33. Zhaoping Li  (University College, London) Vision and psychophysics as well as theory

34. Alla Karpova (Janelia Farm) Neural circuits of reward-dependent behavior

35. Rachel Wilson (Harvard Medical School) COSYNE 2009

36. Francesca Cacucci (UCL) The neural basis of spatial cognition, learning and memory

        Outside theoretical neuroscience but of related interest:

  1. Leslie Vosshall (Rockefeller) How chemosensory cues drive complex behavior
  2. Cori Bargmann (Rockefeller) Sensory processing in c elegans  COSYNE 2009
  3. Marina Picciotto (Yale school of medicine) The role of single molecules in addiction, depression and learning
  4. Sascha du Lac (Salk) Neuronal mechanisms for learning of the vestibulo-ocular reflex COSYNE 2008
  5. Lorna Role (Stony Brook) The role of cholinergic circuits in neuropsychiatric disease
  6. Silvia Arber (Universitat Basel/Friedrich Miescher Institute ) Function and assembly of neural circuits controlling motor behavior
  7. Hopi Hoekstra (Harvard) Genetics and evolution in wild mice COSYNE 2014


Pre tenure level

        Theoretical emphasis:


  1. Yael Niv (Princeton): Reinforcement learning, decision making, fMRI & modeling
  2. Sophie Denève (Ecole Normale Superieure) Bayesian mechanisms of decision-making
  3. Tatyana Sharpee (Salk) Sensory processing from the point of view of information theory COSYNE 2011
  4. Odelia Schwartz (Salk) Sensory systems from the neural level to perception and behavior
  5. Sheila Nirenberg (Cornell) Retinal mechanisms
  6. Peggy Seriès (Edinburgh) Population coding, probabilistic inference
  7. Angela Yu (UCSD); cognitive processing, Bayesian approach
  8. Joelle Pineau (McGill): Medical applications of reinforcement learning (such as predicting seizures).
  9. Elizabeth Bonawitz: Bridging cognitive development and computational modeling
  10. Ila Fiete (UT Austin) Hippocampal circuits
  11. Susanne Schreiber (Humboldt Universitat) Cortical computations in mammals and insects
  12. Claudia Clopath (Imperial College, London) Computational approaches to learning and memory
  13. Tatjana Tchumatchenko (Max Planck) Mathematical analysis of single neurons, neuronal populations and recurrent networks
  14. Stephanie Palmer (U Chicago) Predictive and combinatorial coding 

        Systems with a theory bent:

  1. Marlene Cohen (Pittsburgh) Multi-neuron recording to connect neural activity with behavior
  2. Megan Carey (Champalimaud, Portugal) Cerebellar circuits: from synapses to behavior
  3. Jenny Read (Univ. Newcastle) Human psychophysics and modeling to probe stereopsis
  4. Ladan Shams (UCLA) Human psychophysics and modeling to probe multisensory integration 
  5. Kay Tye (MIT) Neural circuits for motivated behaviors.
  6. Andrea Hasenstaub (UCSF) Circuits and functional organization of auditory cortex
  7. Nicole Rust (U. Penn) Visual processing at the nexus of visual perception and cognition
  8. Linda Wilbrecht (Berkeley) Synapses, circuits and behavior in adolescent brains
  9. Astrid Prinz (Emory) Homeostatic regulation
  10. Lisa Boulanger (Princeton) Immune proteins in the formation and function of neuronal connectivity.
  11. Maria Geffen (U. Penn) A neural coding approach to audition  
  12. Andrea Green (University of Montreal) Motor control, sensory processing
  13. Ilana Witten (Princeton) Circuit level analysis of reward and motivation
  14. Jessica Cardin (Yale) The role of interneurons in shaping cortical activity
  15. Laura Colgin (UT Austin) Brain rhythms in complex cognitive functions
  16. Leslie Osborne (U Chicago) Linking neural variability to behavior
  17. Anne Churchland (CSHL): Neural circuits for sensory integration and decision-making
  18. Arianna Maffei (Stony Brook) homeostatic mechanisms in  the visual system
  19. Vanessa Ruta (Rockefeller) Neural circuits for sensory processing and learning  
  20. Mala Murthy (Princeton) Sensory processing and behavior in drosophila
  21. Hendrikje Nienborg (Tuebingen) Mechanisms of visual perception at the network level
  22. Laura Busse (Tuebingen) Modulation of neural circuits by cognitive factors
  23. Julia Trommershäuser (NYU) Using fMRI, computation and behavior to study human decision-making
  24. Jamie Roitman (Univ. Illinois) Neural mechanisms of perceptual decision-making
  25. Anna Ma-Wyatt (University of Adelaide) Visual perception, eye movements, hand movements
  26. Farran Briggs (Dartmouth) Neural circuits of the early visual system
  27. Kristina Nielsen (Johns Hopkins) Neural circuits underlying object recognition
  28. Long Ding (U. Penn) Subcortical circuits for perceptual decision-making
  29. Eva Pastalkova (Janelia Farm) Hippocampal ensemble coding.
  30. Gwyneth Card (Janelia Farm) Drosophila sensorimotor integration
  31. Na Ji (Janelia Farm) Neural circuits for vision in rodents
  32. Wako Yoshida (ATR, Japan) Studying human decision-making with brain imaging
  33. Claire Wyart (ICM, Paris) Understanding how specific spinal cord circuits are recruited to produce movements
  34. Beverley Clark (UCL) Neuronal integration and axonal signalling
  35. Ilka Diester (Ernst Stungmann Institute) Sensorimotor integration for advancing protheses
  36. Doris Tsao (Caltech) Brain mechanisms for object recognition and spatial vision
  37. Viviana Gradinaru (Caltech) Axonal stimulation and DBS-targeted disorders