1) Upon exiting the Coliseum/Hotel go onto Hempstead turnpike headed towards the Meadowbrook parkway (depending on which parking lot you come out of, you are either making a u-turn at the light or just exiting the main exit of the arena parking lot).

2) Take the exit and merge onto Meadowbrook Parkway North towards Mineola, take that for about 3.5 miles.

3) Merge left onto Northern State Parkway West towards New York City, take that for about 2 miles.

3) Merge onto I-495 Long Island Expressway Westbound towards New York City.

4) Take Exit 31N bear right onto Cross Island Parkway. (TIP: stay in the right lane so it'll be easier to get onto bridge).

5) Follow Cross Island Parkway to Exit 33 onto the Throgs Neck Bridge. (TIP: Toll bridge, EZpass on the left lanes, cash everywhere else).

6) After going through tolls bear left onto Rt. 295 Cross Bronx Expressway. (TIP: stay to the left all through that road, but look out for huge potholes all over the road).

7) Continue on Cross Bronx Expressway and stay to the left for George Washington Bridge Upper Level, go over bridge. (TIP: There is no toll for the GW Bridge when leaving NY).

8) After going over bridge you are on I95, stay to the left and follow road, bear left as the road splits onto Route 80 West (TIP: you are on the express lanes to begin with, eventually it splits into express lanes and local lanes).

9) Follow Route 80 West and bear right at Exit 43 (this brings you onto the local lanes of Route 80 West).

10) Take Exit 43-A and merge onto Route I-287 South towards Morristown.

11) Follow I-287 South to Exit 21-B and merge right onto I-78 West.

12) Follow I-78 West into Pa. (TIP: You must pay a toll when you pass the state line. EZpass lanes on the left, cash on right. EZpass Express lane on very left hand lane).

13) Follow I-78 West for around 107 miles and then bear left onto I-81 South towards Harrisburg via Exit 1B.

14) Take Exit 52 to US-11 and follow road. Bear right onto US-11. (TIP: again this is a great place to stop for Gas and Food).

15) Bear right onto the Pa. Turnpike, go through Toll booth, bear right and follow Pa. Turnpike West towards Pittsburgh follow it for roughly 180 miles.

16) Exit 57 of Pa. Turnpike is Monroeville.


Just like coming to Long Island has traffic considerations, leaving it also requires special attention to traffic. The area from the Long Island Expressway all the way to Route 80 in New Jersey is atrocious if you come at the wrong time. The best time to leave from the Hotel in the morning is 5am. That will have you over the George Washington Bridge by 6am and in Pittsburgh by noon. If you leave any later than 5am you will without a doubt be stuck in traffic. If you leave any other time between 6am and 7pm in that whole area- you can expect anywhere between 1 and 3 hours worth of bumper to bumper traffic (and again, this is nothing like the parkway traffic in Pittsburgh, it is brutal). I know that sounds pretty bad after being out late at the game and hotel bar etc. but trust me, you will regret being there too late especially if you try to leave during the am rush (6am-10am). Tolls are the same for the Throgs Neck Bridge as before ($6.50). I do not remember off hand how much the toll is as you are getting into Pa. on route 78, but I recall it being less than a couple bucks.