DEMO video located at:

This video is meant to be an overview of Inkscape, to give potential new users a quick overview of what Inkscape is, what it looks like, and what you can do with it. It will be the first video on the future official Inkscape Youtube channel, and embedded on the “About” page as a visual support for the text content.

As this is a collaborative effort, we need to arrange for various people to record their screens while using Inkscape and have them send the recordings to me (duckgoesoink at gmail) for editing. Ideally there would be different people for each shot, working on a variety of graphic styles (i.e. not just portraits).

It’s important that the actual software be visible - this is a promotional video for Inkscape. This means that animations made with python scripts are unfortunately unsuitable if we can’t see the Inkscape interface.

Below are the remaining shots we need. You can record for as long as you want - the stated times below are just the time slots currently allocated for the edited video.

Free screen recording resources:



-- unfortunately these videos don’t show the Inkscape interface, so they’re not suitable for this video sorry. duckgoesoink

-- this doesn’t show the interface either, so is also unsuitable sorry. duckgoesoink

For the 10-second time lapse I can provide this video. It was animated using a python script, and I have the original images/video without audio. No worries if it’s not appropriate.