ODE TO 1-0-8

In February Syd put out the call

To learn from him in Bunyip Hall

He said “Tai Chi” if you make a start

Huge benefits you’ll gain for your heart

Lungs, brains and wrinkle free

When you learn to harness inner Chi

So we kicked off our shoes and got started

By week 2 many had departed

By week 3 we could bend our knees

Turn 180 to the right with ease

On we went to punch and parry

Even a tiger we learnt to carry

Brush our knees, and slant flying

Grasp the tail! We all WERE trying

By mid May we had reached half way

And with a BANG!! We said Hooray!

Plant rice, kick left or was that right?

We’d ponder when we got home at night

Punch low, protect, now pat the steed

Feet wide, arms flexed, Syd made us heed

Our moves we’d smooth and add some flair

Green dragons, snakes crept from their lair

Any monkeys that would come near

Retreated quickly with great fear

Lotus kicks revealed short arms

“Practice!  And toes will find your palms”

By week 16 we could slap a face

We no longer need carry mace

Onwards, forwards we all did struggle

Arms, legs, feet, still in a muddle

Clouds fly past. There’s needles sinking

Stars.  There’re seven! And dragons drinking

Birds, golden, white and wings that cool

Throw like a Frisbee! Elbows whirlpool!

Now single whip and start again

On to part wild horses mane

Through Syd’s flu, storms and pregnant daughters

For 19 weeks our Syd has taught us

Our dwindled numbers still believed

That Tai Chi moves would be achieved

Our group, now 6, could learn no faster

As we tried and followed our skilful master

Barbara, Dorothy, Gran Noelene

Heather, Fred and Chris still keen

For Master Syd to seal our fate

At “Grand Terminus” move 1-0-8.

     ~ Chris Brown June 2010