Drawn up by the County Conveners in 1950 following a triple tie for the Championship.


Revisions : May 1980.  January 1996.  January 1999. March 2013


1.             The Age limit for players in the Youth League is under 23 years of age on 1st January.

2.             In the event of a tie in any League then the average of games for and against will decide the winner.

If still tied the result of the Match between the tied Counties to decide and if still tied holes up will decide.

3.             The ‘A’ & ‘Y’ Teams to consist of eight players and the eight games must play off in succession although not necessarily in order.


The Boys Team will comprise 8 players, at least four must be under 16 years of age at 1st January, and the remainder must be under 18 years of age at 1st January. The younger Boys will play in games 1 to 4 and the older Boys in games 5 to 8.


‘A’ and ‘Y’ team matches to be played over five successive weeks, commencing on the third weekend in September.


Boys matches to be played over periods of one month i.e. one Match in each of the months May to September.


All Matches to be played on Sundays with an 11.00am starting time if possible.


4.           Should a Player be absent after the penultimate game has left the first Tee the County concerned can use their Reserve otherwise the game will be automatically forfeited. No extension of Time will be allowed after the Official in charge has called the Player. For uniformity such Time will be that of the first hole been played and cleared.


5.           A Player will not be allowed to play for another County during the Calendar Year.


6.           No County can waive their ground right and must play at home and away in alternate years.


7.           Counties may not request postponement of Matches because one or more Players have other commitments. This covers selection for Coaching etc. If an Area fails to turn up for a Match then that Area will lose 2 points and the Match 8-0. (for 2013 only)


8.           If the nominated Course is unfit for play, or there are more than 3 winter greens in use, the Match may be transferred to another Course in the same County if time permits and Players are given sufficient notice of the change.


9.           In the event of a Match being postponed and called off, at the discretion of the Area Secretary, by reason of weather and an alternate Course cannot be arranged for the same day (Rule 7) the Match must be played on the sixth Sunday failing which the seventh, eighth, etc.


10.         All Matches should be played by end of November and if not, then the situation will be reassessed by the Area Secretaries at a meeting convened at the SGU Seminar. A quorum will be five Area Secretaries.


11.         In the event of failure to agree between the Counties on the above Rules a meeting of all Championship participating Counties will be convened to consider the issue. The Meeting will rule on the dispute and such ruling will be binding on all parties. The Chairmanship of the Meeting will be appointed from the Representatives present outwith the Counties in dispute. The Chairman will have a deliberate and a casting vote.


12.         All other general Rules of Golf applicable to Match Play will apply.


13.         Rolls & coffee/tea before the match and a one course meal after the match will be provided by the home team in all league matches.


14.         In all West of Scotland Inter County League matches a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. If during a stipulated round a player uses a distance measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g. gradient, wind speed, temperature etc., the player is in breach of rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such function is actually used.



              Such Rules are only applicable to the Counties of :

              Ayrshire, Dumbartonshire, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire and Stirlingshire.