Eureka Shotcast!

April 15, 2012

            The Town of Eureka may look like a sleepy little town, but it harbors a secret… it’s the most awesome town on Earth! Home to a government think tank, the town is populated by super geniuses (developing cutting edge tech that causes all kinds of mischief) and the regular guy sheriff that keep these brainiacs from wrecking the planet.


                A SyFy Original series that rates up there with Battlestar Galactica in my opinion, Eureka is the light hearted and fun cousin to the dark and dramatic BSG. With its final season starting April 16th, saying good bye to this show will not be easy. The cast does a great job in making you care about the characters they play, making them feel more like friends than people on a show. The show has found great ways to do new things over the years, keep the show fresh. From alternate timelines to, what looks to be a time jump in the series this season, Eureka will keep you entertained with all kinds of science stuff.

Got an idea for a Shotcast! of your own? Let me know and we will see about getting you on the air.