Thumbnails View in the Content Collection

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Thumbnails View in the Content Collection

Thumbnails View in the Content Collection

The list view is the default setting for displaying files in the content collection.  This simple view contains generic file type icons, file names, date last edited, and file size information.  The new thumbnail view allows for thumbnail previews of images saved in your content collection, as well as more detailed general icons for other file types.  

To enable the thumbnails view:

  1. Click the Content Collection tab at the top of Blackboard.

  1. Click the View Thumbnails link in the top-right corner of the content collection.

CC View Thumbnails.png 

  1. Use the slider to change the size of the thumbnails.

CC View Thumbnails Slider.png

  1. The largest size makes identifying images through the preview thumbnail considerably easier, but does take up more space within your web browser.

Small Thumbnail

Large Thumbnail

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