Bowdoinham Snowbird Minutes

Jan. 16, 2013

Meeting called to order


* Successful club ride to the Bay-- pictures to follow.

* Sympathy cards sent to Brownie’s family and to Dave and Barbara Acker


* No regional meeting this year per letter from Clint Davis

* Received letter from Dpt. of Conservation regarding the agreement for RR crossings

* There will be a vintage snowmobile race at Harvest Hill Farms in Mechanic Falls held

on 2/10/13

* Received a packet of info from Canada

Secretary’s report read and accepted

Treasurer’s report read and accepted

Committee Reports:

Trail Master’s Report:

* Brad Blake’s property on Browns Point Rd has been damaged by some riders and he

is threatening to close the trail

* Pat asks us to keep an eye out for riders that are not on the trails or are damaging the

trails. Try to find out who it is, or at least the type of sled you see.

* MSA paper mentioned legislation for registering the groomer only once

* If we get some snow please fill in holes on trails

* Wardens have been out checking riders and registrations

* Sean Lamoreau has been using his own groomer on the east side and doing a great


Club Trip Committee:

* Let Bev know if you are going up Wednesday or Thursday so she can confirm rooms

Old Business:

* Dave and Val got some mark ups tonight to add into the map. All new trails within the

past 5 years have been GPS’d so the map accuracy is good. 500 maps will be printed

and available in a couple of weeks.

New Business:

* Time to start thinking of a Nominating Committee for next month

For the Good of the Club:

* Develop a calling tree which would be helpful for club rides

Next Meeting is February 20th

Meeting Adjourned


November 14, 2012

Meeting called to order


Happy 50th Birthday to Stan Nay

Welcome 2 new members, Jim and Theresa Morin from Topsham


Received e-mail from UTV International regarding groomers

Received Beaver Cove Camps brochure at Moosehead Lake

Received letter from Clint Davis regarding the Coastal Regional Meeting which was held Oct. 28th.

Received the Bowdoinham News

The MSA had a picture of Junior as Santa, and Bev’s article was great!





-- Trail Master’s Report:

1. The ramp at the railroad tracks is complete

2. Need to put field stakes out

3. Bobby’s gear box died on his bush hog.  A motion to pay 1/2 the cost to fix the gear box was accepted.

4. Would like to have Dennis Weeks build a new drag to replace Jim’s.  A motion to spend up to $1000 was accepted.

5. A motion for Dennis Week’s business membership to be paid was accepted.


-- Club Trip:

The Tom Hegan Lodge will let Bev know around the last week in February as to what is available.

This years club trip will be at the Overlook at Eagle Lake from Thursday 1/31/13 to Sunday 2/3/13.  Right now there are 15 people signed up and the cost will range $30- $35 per night.

Let Bev know ASAP if you are thinking of going.


Bev and Bobby updated the business members on the map

Cut off date to get business cards to Dave is the next club meeting date, Dec. 19th.

The Town will give us $500 and our map is on the town website.


Tri-Sports has offered to have our apparel at the store


Super raffle tickets are still being sold and please turn them into Bev by December 3rd.

The Lucky Drawing will be held again this year for the 2 top sellers.


Dave has a list Bowdoinham Snowmobiler registrations and will attempt to get them to become club members.

A vote to renew Curtis Insurance at $618 was accepted.  The policy is General Liability for the club for $1million.  Readfield Insurance never called Pat back.

Dave presented an overview of the club website.

NEXT MEETING DECEMBER 19th.  6pm supper, 7pm meeting



Oct. 17, 2012

Meeting called to order


*Look for Bev’s write up in the MSA paper for next month

*Check for new features on our Website

*Sorry to hear that snowbird member, Paul Leclair, is in poor health at the moment


*We received a letter from Clint Davis in regards to hosting the Regional Meeting

*Received letter from regarding utilization of their website at $60/yr

*Received M+C Power Sports flyer regarding services they offer

*Received Ossipee Swap meet and Dealer Show info

*Received Pine Tree Society Newsletter

*Received Readfield Insurance Agency info



Trail Master’s Report:

1) The Jesse Harriman bridge has been repaired and is in a much better spot.

2) Need to give the trail that connects 13 and 27 a name

3) On trail 13, the ramp was ruined by the Railroad. The state owns that piece now, but

we have permission to put a ramp back up.

4) If you have a landowner near you, please ask permission for the use of their land5) Need to talk with George Christopher about going through his fence



1) Has new links and photos

2) Has a trail worksheet. More details about that next meeting


1) The price difference between printing 300 and 500 maps is $91.60

2) Motion to print 500 maps was proposed and accepted

3) Dave will check with the town to see if there is money available to us

Club Trip:

1) Bev will pick up brochures at the Augusta Snowmobile Show


* Decision to no longer pay MSA $23 for business “Metro Signs” in KY.

* Pat will talk to Steve Bolduc, owner of Gardiner Rental, about the club no longer

paying his $23 to MSA.


*Pat will compare Insurance data between Readfield Insurance Agency and Cross

Insurance Agency.

*November’s meeting may be a week earlier due to Thanksgiving. Dave will look into

Fire Station availability.

Bowdoinham Snowbird Minutes

Sept. 19, 2012

Meeting called to order


Pictures are available from Land Owner BBQ and from Bowdoinham Day.

Our float took 3rd place in the parade, winning the B’ham commemorative plate and a certificate.

4 new members joined from Bowdoinham Day and 153 raffle tickets were sold.


Mr. and Mrs Oakes and Buster+Carol Prout sent Thank- you letters for the Land Owner BBQ.

We received a letter from the Pine Tree Society regarding donations from our club.

The Department of Conservation (Scott Ramsay) sent a letter stating that last years reserves were down.

Secretary’s report read and accepted.

Treasurers report read and accepted.


-- Trail Master’s:

2 big projects:

1) The Jesse Harriman/Bryan Benson bridge washed out.

Plan is to possibly put a trailer in there and reposition the bridge.

2) Trail access from Banana Banners will be rerouted to go through near the Smith’s instead of the Saucier’s.

Other projects :

* Fix bridge and trails near where the landowner winner lives.

* So far there aren’t any plans for big purchases unless something comes up at a good deal ie: another drag.

* Plastic culverts at the Public Works are available to us.

* Trail work begins Sunday, Sept. 22nd at 8am.

--  Website:

There were inquiries about having an excel worksheet for trail maintenance. If Dave is given an example of the worksheet, he can get it onto the computer. Details next meeting.

-- Club Trip:

A committee was formed and includes Bev, Kate, Bryan, Kevin and Jake.


* Maps

We have about 100 and decided to order 300 more. Dave will check with the Printer.

The fee for a business advertisement on the map is:

$20 if you have a business membership

$40 if you don’t have a business membership

Volunteers to edit the map to make sure trails and businesses are correct are: Dave G., Pat, Jim, and Bev.

* Apparel:

The rest of the apparel, which is mostly XL, needs to be printed up.


* Jim and Bill spoke about how 7 clubs got together and formed a trail along the mountains of Rangeley, Phillips, and Srong.  It is something to keep in mind for a ride.

NEXT MEETING October 17th 6pm supper, 7pm meeting. Meeting adjourned