T H E  W A T E R L I N E

The Newsletter of District 11 New England

October 2010


With one race left to go, it's too early for a complete re-cap of the season, but seeing how I haven't done a newsletter in awhile, a short review since the last newsletter is in order.What have you missed if you haven't attended a race this year?  Boats, and lots of them!  While Rollinsford had the lowest registrations, Mansfield and Sanford more than made up for it, as well attended, if not better, than in recent years.  Some of the long time regulars have been absent and missed this year, we had three from the past return to the fold.  Mike Berton, Rene Danner and Archie Martinez hardly seem to be missing a beat and racing like they never left.  We have some newcomers in Dave Ives, Ron Crawford, Mike Casazzo and Andrew Gaillard.  Welcome back to the prodigal sons and welcome aboard to our newest racers.


You also missed what we've come to expect in District 11, great racing, as evidenced by the points totals.  If you look at the points on the website, no one driver is dominating in the large majority of the classes.  Since we adopted the policy of dropping your lowest score, it is not unusual for the top three to be decided at last heat of the last race of the year.  What is unusual is how close the points are from top to bottom in many classes and that anyone can make it to a podium finish, if not the championship itself.  Another good reason to be there Saturday!


You also missed a couple of unfortunate, but spectacular, crashes, both at Sanford in August.  One G-1 Mono struck a dead boat in the backstretch and launched, the key word here being launched.  I didn't know a boat could go that high and that far!  I suspect Sanford Airport picked it up on their radar screen, even if only briefly.  The second crash almost need sonar, not radar.  A gas hydro was advised to go wide coming out of turns 1 & 2 due to dead boats in the racing lanes.  Go wide he did, entering the backside of the water ski jump at full speed, striking all of the support structure and coming to rest at the wedge end of the junp, utterly destroyed.  A lot of people must have watching, because a loud gasp went up in unison from the crowd when it initially appeared that it had gone around the jump, but suddenly didn't come into view.  I don't remember the racers name, but I remember he maintained a great attitude, which is tough when you have to cradle your arms to carry your boat back to the pits!


We had great weather, all four venues completed four rounds of heat racing and uncharacteristically, even the rollers from the bass boats at Mansfield were inconsequential.  The Maine club bought a new wide jon boat and have to say it is a nice, stable platform.



We have really saved money by not doing hard copy newsletter any more.  The only expenses we've had were a class sponsorship at the 2010 NATS and $125.00 to Brian for improving the website to allow videos and any advances we can think of in the future.  Speaking of the Nats, they sent us a nice thank you along with one of their programs, given to participants this year.  Very well done.  After the first two races, our old balance was $2562.50.  Expenses in that time was the aforementioned $125.00.  Income: race #3 fees were $192.00 and the 50/50 was $45.00.  Race #4 fees were $185.00 and the 50/50 was $35.00.  New balance is $2894.50.  At the conclusion of the racing year, I will submit the website invoices to NAMBA, which are reimburseable up to $500.00 per year.  We should end the year over $3000.00.



I will send out a race flyer tomorrow, as I am tired and frustrated that I've already done the newsletter once tonight and with a single, simple, stroke of a key, mistakenly deleted the entire thing and had to start over!  Having said that, there is one more thing I want to bring up, and that is...................


T H E  2 0 1 2  NATS

While this was discussed somewhat at a drivers meeting earlier this year, I don't believe we made an official decision one way or the other.  There was no one openly arguing against it, but neither were we rushing to formalize it.


NAMBA President Al Waters recently asked me if we were going to host 2012.  I asked for a little time so that we could decide for sure.  We could discuss it this Saturday if you wish, but I would also like input here on the net, so that all the members can see it, should they not be at Sanford this week.  If 10 days is enough for comment, I'll ask for a vote from the membership at that time.


BY THE WAY, THE FORECAST FOR SATURDAY IS RAIN AND COLD, SO BE PREPARED SO YOU CAN ENJOY THE DAY.  Remember, we have a good time regardless of the weather!!!  See you there.