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Ali Momeni, batchku@gmail.com, +1.510.387.9977, alimomeni.net






Date Degree Granted


University of California at Berkeley

Music Composition; Dissertation title: Composing Instruments: Inventing and Performing with Generative Computer-based Instruments; Advisor: David Wessel



University of California at Berkeley

Music Composition



Swarthmore College

Physics and Music, Pre-med




Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

Assistant Professor, School of Art

Sculpture and site specific installation, Professor

CMU ArtFab, Founding Director


University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Assistant Professor

Department of Art, Experimental and Media Arts


Spark Festival for Electronic Music and Art

Artistic Director


Minneapolis Art on Wheels public art collective

Principal Investigator, Founder, Captain



Center for New Music and Audio Technologies

University of California at Berkeley

Instructor for “CNMAT Summer Workshops”


Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Paris

Affiliate Researcher in Atau Tanaka’s Mobile Music laboratory


Tempo Festival, University of California at Berkeley

Technical Director


Center for New Music and Audio Technologies

University of California at Berkeley

Musical Systems Administrator








Creative Capital, project entitled “The Center for Urban Intervention Research”


Harpo Foundation Commission, collaboration with Elsewhere; commissioned to design and advance real-time technologies and applied media for in-process storytelling and archiving will enable virtual communication between on-site artists and participants.


Joyce Award, for collaborative project with Jenny Schmid and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts 2010-2011, “Battle of Everyouth: Public Project Performance” $50,000, total project costs of $120,000

University of Minnesota


UMN CLA Research Fellowship, for Spring 2011 leave


University Nominee for Mellon New Directions Fellowship


University Nominee for Microsoft New Faculty Fellowship

        Visiting Artist and Speaking Engagements


Lecture on musical works at the Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society in Pittsburgh, PA

Lecture at the Glasgow Center for Contemporary on “Truce”, exhibited at the 2013 Sonica Festival of Sound for the Visually Minded


Visiting Artist at University of Maine’s Intermedia graduate program in art and new media; lecture, studio visits, and master class

American Society of Landscape Architects in Phoenix; speaking on past work with urban projection on panel titled “Illuminated Cities”, organized by Jeff Schnabel, Architect and professor at Portland State University

Southern Oregon University Department of Art, lecture, studio visits and Performance as a part of the Visiting Artist


Guest lecturer, Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT), UC Berkeley

Anderson Ranch (Snowmass, CO), Workshop on Animated Theater and artist residency

The Portland State University Dept. of Architecture (Portland, OR), international symposium on Urban Light Strategies


Paper presentation on Iranian Contemporary art as a part of NEH sponsored conference titled Shared Spaces:Islam and the West in the Arts and Sciences, University of Minnesota


University of North Dakota (Grand Forks, ND), Department of Art, Mobile Projection

Carleton College (Northfield, MN), Media Studies, Mobile Projection workshop

Amermman Center for Art and Technology, Lecture on my Liminal Surface project

Anderson Ranch (Snowmass, CO), “Digital to Physical” workshop

Vooruit Art Center (Gent, Belgium), Physical Computing Workshop, Artist Lecture within “Almost Cinema”


Townhouse Gallery (Cairo, Egypt), lecture on Minneapolis Art on Wheels

Intermedia Arts (Minneapolis, MN), “Give & Take”, Mobile Projection lecture

Laboral Center for Contemporary Art (Gijon, Spain), Panelist on Art and Democracy


New York University (New York, NY), Photography, Artist Talk

The School of Fine Arts (Prague, Czech Republic)

Colby College (Waterville, ME), Department of Art, Lecture on Interactive Sculpture

Carleton College (Northfield, MN), Media Studies, Lecture on Mobile Projection


Grants and Contracts

        External Grants


NEH Bridging Cultures, Co-investigator with PI Nabil Matar, Bill Beeman and Jeanne Kilde for the production of an interdisciplinary conference on Islam and the Humanities, $130,000

MN State Art Board Festival Grant, Co-investigator with Artistic Director Steve Dietz

“2011 Northern Spark Festival”, a city-wide dusk-to-dawn art festival, $136,000


CANDO Minneapolis Grant, Co-investigator with Peter Haakon Thompson and Mike Hoyt, $6,000

        Internal Grants


Berkmann Faculty Development Grant, Principal Investigator, $5,000

“A Manual for Mobile Projection”, a text for bringing urban projection to the masses


Grant-in-Aid (University of Minnesota), Principal Investigator, $36,000

“Public Engagement Through Immersive Street Performance”

Imagine Fund Special Events Grant (University of Minnesota), Requester, $5,000

“Talae New Music Ensemble at the 2010 Spark Festival”

Imagine Fund Annual Arts & Humanities Faculty Award (University of Minnesota), Principal Investigator, $3,000

“Liminal Surface: Interactive Table-top Musical Theater”

College of Liberal Arts Grant for Spark Festival (University of Minnesota), Artistic Director

Operational costs for Spark: $25,000, $35,000, $35,000 in 2008, 2009, and 2010

Minnesota Futures Program, Principal Investigator, $250,000

Two-year project from 2008-2010 titled Mobile Media for Everyday People: Bridging the Digital Physical Divide”


Imagine Fund Annual Arts & Humanities Faculty Award (University of Minnesota), Principal Investigator, $3,000.  “Liminal Surface: Interactive Table-top Musical Theater”


Office of International Programs Institutional Partnership Grant, Principal Investigator (University of Minnesota), $25,000, Two-year project titled “Cellular Phone Culture, Mobile Media and the Power of Location-Based Interactive Applications”, in partnership with Kitchen Budapest

Institute for Advanced Studies Collaborative Research Grant (University of Minnesota), Co-Investigator, $18,000.  “Drawing, Animation, Projection and Kinetics”, in collaboration with Jenny Schmid

Alexander Dubcek Fund (University of Minnesota), Co-Investigator, $3,000

Travel to Prague for a series of lectures and studio visits with local artists

CLA-OIT Small Grant (University of Minnesota), Principal Investigator, $5,000

“Support for Minneapolis Art on Wheels @ ZERO 1 Festival”

McKnight Special Events Fund (University of Minnesota), Requester, $3,500

Support for participation of Paul Demarinis in the 2008 Spark Festival

Center for Urban and Regional Affairs research grant (University of Minnesota), Principal-Investigator, $8,216, Graduate RA support for Minneapolis Art on Wheels

McKnight Summer Research Fellowship (University of Minnesota), Principal-Investigator, $12,000

Combined with Faculty Summer Research Program for summer salary

CLA-OIT Instructional Equipment Grant (University of Minnesota), Principal Investigator, $35,000

“Creative exposition and social engagement through mobile visualizations and sonification”


Refereed Journal Articles 

Ali Momeni, Cyrille Henry. “Dynamic Independent Mapping Layers”. Computer Music Journal, 30:1. 2005.

Tanaka, A., Tokui, N., Momeni, A. "Facilitating Collective Musical Creativity." In Proc. ACM Multimedia, Singapore. 2005.

        Proceedings of Conferences

Sinan Goknur, Ali Momeni. “Exquisite Corpse/Lavish Martyr (ECLM)”, position paper presented at The User in Flux workshop held at the Computer Human Interaction conference (Vancouver, BC), 2011.

Christopher Coleman, Ali Momeni. “Maxuino”, File Conference 2010.

Robin Meier, Ali Momeni.  PALAIS / Magazine 12, Summer 2010.

Ali Momeni, David Wessel. Characterizing and Controlling Musical Material Intuitively with Graphical Models, Proceedings of the New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference, Montreal, Canada. 2003.

Matthew Wright, Adrian Freed, Ali Momeni. OpenSoundControl: Past, Present and Future, Proceedings of the New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference, Montreal, Canada. 2003.

Matthew Wright, Ahm Lee, Ali Momeni, Adrian Freed. "Managing Complexity with Explicit Mapping of Gestures to Sound Control with OSC", Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, Havana, Cuba. 2001.

Matthew Wright, Amar Chaudhary, Adrian Freed, Sami Khoury, Ali Momeni, Diemo Schwarz, David Wessel. An XML-based SDIF Stream Relationships Language, Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, Berlin, Germany. 2000.


                Pommery #9 – La Fabrique Sonore, exhibition in Reims, France, 2012

                Bauex Art Éditions - Front Cover, image of “plis/replis” exhibited in Reims, France, 2012

ZERO 1 New Media Biennial 2010 in San Jose, CA, 2010

Dynasty at Musée d’Art Moderne and Palais de Tokyo, in Paris, France, 2010

Feed Forward: Angel of History at Laboral in Gijon, Spain, 2010

ZERO 1 New Media Biennial 2008 in San Jose, CA, 2008

        Interviews (partial list)

Interview with “plis/replis” collaborator Robin Mandel, by Aude Lavigne in “La Vignette” on France Culture Radio, Thursday February 9, 2012

Interview with Momeni and Meier by Palaid de Tokyo  regarding “A Tentative Call to the Other” and “Truce” exhibited in Paris, 2011

Joyce Foundation, Interviews with Ali Momeni, 2010 Joyce Awards winners

Cycling ‘74: Interview with Ali Momeni, by Darwin Grosse, 2010

MAKE: Television, Episode 7: “Urban Projection”, nationally broadcasted in 2008 and 2009

Studio 1: Local television report on Momeni/MAW visiting artist residency at the University         of North Dakota in Grand Forks

        Reviews of performances/exhibitions (partial list)

Review of Truce by Emily Bick The Wire: http://robinmeier.net/?p=993, 2013

Interview with main collaborator Robin Meier and write-up of various man-machine-insect works: http://robinmeier.net/?p=820, 2012

Alison Furuto, “La Fabrique Sonor exhibition / Kook/Momeni/Meier”, Arch Daily, December 2011.

Review of Pommery #9 – La Fabrique Sonore in Le Monde, Jan 5, 2012

Reviews of DYNASTY at Musée d’Art Moderne and Palais de Tokyo in BeuaxArts Magazine, Liberation, Le Monde and the New York Times, 2010-11

Régine Debatty, “Smoke and Hot Air”, We Make Money Not Art, November 2009

Jorg von Uthmann, “Spaghetti, Robbers, Waterfall Enliven Paris Arts Extravaganza”, Bloomberg.com, July 2010

        Software Development

Maxuino:         http://maxuino.org

aLib:         http://alimomeni.net/aLib

aLib-M4L:         http://alimomeni.net/aLib-M4L

mawLib:        http://themaw.org/mawLib

Professional Artistic and Creative Experience

        Solo Exhibitions, Tours, Projects, Performances 


Time Machine”, a living video archive for a living museum, comissioned by the Harpo Foundation and permanently installed at Elsewhere (Greensboro, NC)

If The Lion Could Speak”, installation with a honey bee colony, in collaboration with Robin Meier; comissioned by Loire Atlantique, curated by Virginie Bourget and shown at Domain de la Garenne Lemot as a part of the exhibition "Une Mouche dans la Tête".

Department of Smoke and Mirrors”, commissioned video sculpture in collaboration with Jenny Schmid, Davis Museum, curated by Lisa Fischman (Wellesly, MA)


Le Musée Itinerant”, in collaboration with David Bithell and MAW, commissioned by the Weisman Art Museum (Minneapolis, MN)

plis/replis”, commissioned large scale installation in collaboration with Robin Meier, international exhibition titled "Expérience Pommery #9: La Fabrique Sonore" curated by Claire Staebler and Charles Carcopino

The Tragedy of the Commons” in collaboration with Robin Meier, international exhibition at Palais de Tokyo curated by Marc-Olivier Wahler (Paris, France)

The Battle of Everyouth” in collaboration with Jenny Schmid, the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Washburn High School, commissioned by Northern Spark and the Joyce Foundation; participatory street performance with architectural projection, music (Minneapolis, MN)

THE MOURNERS: Music from the Courts of the Burgundian Dukes”, Live cinema performance in  in collaboration with the Rose Ensemble at Basilica of Saint Mary on February 18-20 of 2011 (Minneapolis, MN)


Animal Warmth #12”, exhibition commissioned by the Bell Museum of Natural History (Minneapolis, MN)

Serenity and Serendipity” in collaboration with Robin Meier, international exhibition at Auditorio Nacional de Música de Madrid curated by Jose Manuel Lopez Lopez (Madrid, Spain)

Mini-disasters at the Grandest Forkest”, local performance during Visiting Artist Residency at the University of North Dakota (Grand Forks, ND)

Paraguay” in collaboration with David Bithell, commissioned by the Ammerman Center for Art and Technology, national performance at Connecticut College (New London, CT)


Women's Desert Liberation Front”, international performance in the White Desert (Cairo, Egypt)


Wall Whisperer”, national performance at the Beijing Film Academy (Beijing, China)

Animal Warmth (#28, The Time is Now)”, international performance at Vooruit (Gent, Belgium)

Solo Public Art or Architectural Commissions/Projects


“Dream Interpretations”, participatory architectural projection performance at the Center for Visual Art at Southern Oregon University (Ashland, OR)


Seaworthy”, commissioned by the UMN Institute for Advanced Studies, research project and local performance at Northrop, University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN)

Exquisite Corpse/Lavish Martyr”, in collaboration with MAW, international exhibition commissioned by ZERO 1 New Media Biennial, curated by Steve Dietz (San Jose, CA)


What Paint Doesn't”, international performance at the Beijing Film Academy (Beijing, China)


What You Say, How You Say It”, national exhibition at the Exploratorium, curated by Pamela Winfrey as a part of “Listen” (San Francisco, CA)


Vaishnava Janeto”, permanent international exhibition at the Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum, produced by Sacred World Research Labs (New Delhi, India)

Group Exhibitions and Collaborative Performances


Truce”  exhibited at Sonica curated by Cathie Boyd, Patrick Dickie and Graham McKenzie (Glasgow, Scotland)

Human Use of Human Beings” commissioned by Maison des arts de Créteil (MAC) , and exhibited in Festival VIA March 14 -24, 2013 (Maubeuge, FRANCE); Festival EXIT at MAC Créteil April 4-14, 2013 (Créteil, France); Festival Le Printemps at Saint-Sauveur à la Gare Saint-Sauveur May 3-August 11, 2013 (Lille, France)


“A Tentative Call to the Other” exhibited at the Sound Reason festival, curated by  Ish Sherawat’s (New Delhi, India)

“If The Lion Could Speak...” commissioned by Loire Atlantique, curated by Virginie Bourget and shown at Domain de la Garenne Lemot as a part of the exhibition "Une Mouche dans la Tête" (Clisson, France)

Smoke and Hot Air” exhibited at Musrara Mix 12, curated by Saron Paz and Sharon Horodi (Jerusalem, Israel)

Smoke and Hot Air”, “Before I Die” and “Animal Warmth (#28, The Time is Now)” exhibited at “Narrative,  Mechanism,  and the Digital Thread” at the Schneider Museum of Art, curated by Erika Leppman (Ashland, OR)


Women’s Desert Liberation Front” in collaboration with Jenny Schmid, to be exhibited at the 2011 Washington Project for New Media Arts, juried by DJ Spooky


Women’s Desert Liberation Front” in collaboration with Jenny Schmid, exhibited at The Graphic Unconscious at the Print Center as a part of Philagrafika (Philadelphia, PA)

A Tentative Call to the Other” in collaboration with Robin Meier, international exhibition  at Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, curated by Fabrice Hergott and Angeline Scherf (Paris, France)

Truce” in collaboration with Robin Meier, international exhibition at Palais de Tokyo curated by Marc-Olivier Wahler (Paris, France).  Previously exhibited at the 2009 SIGGRAPH (Yokohama, Japan) and the 2009 Spark Festival (Minneapolis, MN)

Smoke and Hot Air” in collaboration with Robin Mandel, international exhibition at FeedForward/Angel of History Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, curated by Steve Dietz and Christian Paul (Gijon, Spain)


Look No Further, The Devil is in Your Palm”, local exhibition at Katherine E. Nash Gallery (Minneapolis, MN)


For Air, For Water” in collaboration with Da Wei Xu, international performance at Beijing Film Academy (Beijing, China)

Table Setting” in collaboration with David Bithell, international performance at Vooruit curated by Eva De Groote (Gent, Belgium)

Smoke and Hot Air” in collaboration with Robin Mandel, international exhibition at Vooruit as a part of “Almost Cinema 2008”, curated by Eva De Groote (Gent, Belgium)

Eyes and Ears and the Truth Itself (No People Allowed)” in collaboration with Jenny Schmid, local performance at the Soap Factory as a part of “GM8: Pay Attention” (Minneapolis, MN)


Net Derive” in collaboration with Atau Tanaka and Petra Gemeinboeck, international exhibition at Maison Rouge (Paris, France)


Takemitsu: My Way of Life” in collaboration with Kent Nagano and Peter Musbach and the Berlin Opera Company, international performance at Théâtre du Châtelet

(Paris, France) and Bunka Kaikan (Tokyo, Japan)

Preset 153” in collaboration with Lorenzo Bianchi, international exhibition at Cité Université (Paris, France)

An[tic]”, international exhibition at ISEA (Paris, France)

Frelia”, commissioned by the 2005 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), in collaboration with Robin Mandel, international exhibition at the Pixilerations Festival at Rhode Island School of Design (Providence, RI) and the ICMC at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain)

iPerg: Epidemic Menace” in collaboration with Sony CLS and Fraunhofer Institute, international exhibition at the Fraunhofer Insititute (Munich, Germany)

        Curatorial Projects


“MAW Night Light Challenge”, Program Director, working with the 2011 Northern Spark festival to curate an open call for 4-5 new projects focused on the theme of light and public spaces


Minneapolis Art on Wheels Artist in Residence Program”, Artistic Director, international residency for eight artists producing mobile projection work in Minneapolis

“Spark Festival for Electronic Music and Art”, Artistic Director, annual international festival at the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN), 2008, 2009, 2010

        Other Production Experience 


The [finger] Tippler”, hybrid finger percussion instrument


Women's Desert Liberation Front: Three short animations”, outdoor projection, animation and editing



http://alimomeni.net: primary site cataloguing all activities, author

http://cmu-artfab.org: digital/physical + design/build lab at Carnegie Mellon University

http://themaw.org: primary site for public art collective, co-author with MAW members

http://maxuino.org: physical computing software development project, co-author with         Christopher Coleman

http://teach.alimomeni.net: index of university level teaching

http://teach.alimomeni.net/CMUArtFab: portal to fabrication and experimental sculpture facility founded by Momeni in 2012 at Carnegie Mellon University

http://dev.alimomeni.net/: repository for all software development, co-author with MAW



Service to the Discipline/Profession/Interdisciplinary Area(s)

        Review panels for external funding agencies, foundations, etc.

MN State Art Board Review Committee: Spring 2011

        Jurors for Artistic/Creative Works

Minnesota State Art Board, Artist Initiative Panelist, 2010

IRCAM Musical Research Residency Program Review Committee, 2010

Institut de Recerche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (Paris, France)

Art Shanty Review Committee, 2009

IRCAM Musical Research Residency Program Review Committee, 2009

Institut de Recerche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (Paris, France)

        Organization of Conferences, Workshops, Panels, Symposia

Creative Coding with OpenFrameworks and RaspberryPi workshop, co-directed with Golan Levin at the Studio for Creative Inquiry in October of 2013; 50-person weekend-long workshop and hackaton on advanced media applications with small affordable embedded computers

Frames of Violence Syposium, organizer for “Visual Media and Violence” panel, held at Wilson Library (UMN), Winter 2010.  Academic symposium including lectures and performances by 20 national and international artists and scholars

Mobile Music Symposium, Co-chair with Sumanth Gopinath, held at Regis Art Center (UMN), Spring 2009.  Academic Symposium with 15 national and international scholars contributing to the Oxford Mobile Music Handbook

Service to the University/College/Department

Residents Supervised

Minneapolis Art on Wheels Artists in Residency Program, Spring 2010:

Mateusz Herczka and Pär Frid (Stockholm, Sweden)

Bart Buch and Kyle Loven (Minneapolis, MN and Seattle, WA)

Shanai Matteson and Colin Kloecker (Minneapolis, MN)

Jared Nielsen (Los Angeles, CA)

Aaron Marx (Minneapolis, MN)

Pinar Yoldas  (Durham, NC)

Chris Coleman (Denver, CO)

Jeff Crause (New York, NY)

Karolina Sobecka (New York, NY)

        Visiting Artists/Scholars Hosted

        Spark 2010 Featured Artists, September-October 2010:

Fred Frith (Oakland, CA), guitarist, composer, and improviser

Furt (London, England), electronic duo

Klaxon Gueule (Montreal, Canada), composer and performer duo

Talea Ensemble (New York, NY), contemporary music ensemble

The Friction Brothers (Chicago, IL), experimental music trio

Patrick Flanagan - Jazari (Minneapolis, MN), robotic ensemble performer

Paul Birken (Duluth, MN), hacker, composer, performer and sound artist

Moe Espinoza--Drumcell--(Los Angeles, CA), beat maker

Mikkel Meyer (Copehagen, Denmark), electronic musician

Vidal and Vangelis Vargas--Acid Circus--(Los Angeles, CA), electro duo

Vultures (London, England), noise artists

Arlene Birt (Minneapolis, MN), new media artist

Kyle Phillips (Minneapolis, MN), new media artist

Tyler Stefanich (Minneapolis, MN), new media artist

Tectonic Industries (Minneapolis, MN), new media artist team


                Spark 2009 Featured Artists, February 2009:

Waffa Bilal (New York, NY), media artist

Kanta Horio (Tokyo, Japan), electronic artist and musician

Ray Lee (London, UK), sound artist

UMFELD (Amsterdam, Netherlands), audiovisual duo

Beijing Film Academy (Beijing, China), student artists

The Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music [STEIM]: Robert van Heumen, Joel Ryan, and Taku Mizuta Lippit [DJ Sniff] (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

David Wessel (Berkley, CA), laptop music pioneer

POLE (Berlin, Germany), Dub/IDM Godfather

Douglas Ewart (Minneapolis, MN), improvising musician

Guerino Mazzola (Minneapolis, MN), free jazz pianist

                Spark 2008 Featured Artists, February 2009:

Richard Devine (Los Angeles, CA), electronic musician

Paul DeMarinis (Palo Alto, CA), media artist

Iancu Dumitrescu (Bucuresti, Romania), contemporary composer and performer

Simon Reynolds (New York, NY), musicologist

Graffiti Research Lab (New York, NY), urban intervention collective

University Service

IDEATE: among approximately 20 core faculty in new interdisciplinary art/design program at Carnegie Mellon University

Faculty Senate, Carnegie Mellon University, 2011-present

Northrop Auditorium Renovation Technology Advisory Group, 2009-present

Weisman Target Collaborative Studio Director Search Committee, Fall 2010

Winton Chair Search Committee, Fall 2009

Weisman Expansion Advisory Committee, 2008

        Collegiate Service and Intercollegiate Service

CLA Assembly, Fall 2010

CLA-OIT Info-tech Review Committee: 2009-2010


        Department/Unit Service

                Art Department: BFA Review Committee, 2007-8, 2008-9

Art Department: Curriculum Committee, 2007-8, 2008-9

Art Department: Graduate Area Representative Committee, 2009-10

Art Department: International Programs, 2010-11

Art Department: Visiting Artist Committee, 2008-9, 2009-2010

Art Department: Ad-Hoc Website Committee (Chair), 2009-present

Collaborative Arts: Curriculum Committee, 2007-2009


English: Speaking, Reading, Writing (native)

Farsi: Speaking, Reading, Writing (native)

French: Speaking, Reading (fluent)

Spanish: Speaking, Reading (fluent)