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Minutes of the meeting held on 20 August 2012

at the Eliot Hall, St Germans


Tideford Ward:        Cllr A Hodge, Cllr S Yates

Polbathic Ward:        Cllr S Barnes, Cllr Mrs V Sullivan

St Germans Ward:        Cllr D Elliott, Cllr Mrs A Barnicoat, Cllr B Skelton

Bethany Ward:        Cllr Mrs H Gillbard

Public participation

There were no members of the public present

In Cllr May’s absence, Cllr Barnes chaired the meeting. He introduced Esther Richmond, Cornwall Gateway Community Network Manager and Dan Nicholls from the Natural Resources Planning Team who had been invited to give an overview of Cornwall Council’s policy towards renewable energy

1.        Police Report

            The clerk had received a written report regarding crimes during July.

            7 related to thefts from tents at the Port Eliot Festival. 1 was the theft of a

            dinghy from Quay Sailing Club

2.          Apologies for absence

            Apologies had been received from Cllr May and Cllr Mackeen who are

            both on holiday, from Cllr Davey who is working and from Cornwall

            Councillor Olive Eggleston who is unwell.

3.        Approval of the Minutes of the meeting held on 30 July 2012

            It was proposed by Cllr Elliott and seconded by Cllr Hodge that the minutes be

            approved. All were in favour and the minutes were signed by Cllr Barnes

Dan Nicholls gave an overview of the presentation from the recent Planning for Renewable Energy Training which Cllr Hodge attended.

Because of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), Cornwall Council is expected to be proactive and encourage/support a move to renewable energy and ‘Planning Future Cornwall’ is a draft document at present.

The Issues with Solar are landscape, visual impact and agriculture and the Opportunities are ecology, employment and income. Cornwall tries to direct solar applications to low value land like industrial and low quality farm land which is grade 3B and below. They would not normally consider grade 2 agricultural land.

The Issues with Wind are landscape, noise and wildlife and the Opportunities are energy and income.

As a result of a Landscape Sensitivity Study, the St Germans area is considered to be a sensitive area and coastal areas and ANOB areas are also to be avoided.

Questions were invited – Cllr Barnes said that the public were resentful because they    

feel that wind/solar is only good for land owners – Cornwall Council should be looking to find suitable sites less likely to upset local residents. Mr Nicholls explained that this may be possible through Neighbourhood Plans and a Community Plan. Cllr Elliott asked what research had been carried out into what local people actually want for Cornwall. Mr Nicholls replied that no research had been carried out but that any local scheme would need the support of its neighbours. Cllr Skelton said that solar farms are getting larger in acreage and asked if there was any limit to their size. Mr Nicholls advised there was no limit, other than the visual impact on an area and its landscape which would be major considerations. Cllr Sullivan established that energy security was outside of Cornwall Council’s remit when considering applications.

Cllr Barnicoat said that while low level solar panels within a field surrounded by hedges can be acceptable, large wind turbines in prominent positions cannot be acceptable. Cllr Skelton asked if Cornwall Council could target a few large companies to develop off shore turbines rather than consider lots of ad hoc applications in locations sure to upset local residents. Mr Nicholls reminded everyone that the Planning remit is to manage these renewable’s in the landscape and that the temporary 25 year usage does not establish use.

Cllr Yates asked for a copy of the presentation and Mr Nicholls agreed to email it to the clerk, together with all appropriate links to relevant information. This will be passed on to all Cllrs

Cllr Barnes thanked Dan Nicholls for his valuable time and very informative overview of the subject

4.        Matters arising from previous minutes

4.1       Highways – Ongoing Issues

            Proposed Street Light at Quay Road – the revised position for the light has

            been agreed by Highways and the revised prices are lower. As the Parish

            Council has already voted to provide the light, Cllr Skelton will proceed and

            liaise with the clerk

            B3249 outside the Polbathic Hall – Rebecca Dickson is to meet with the

            builders to discuss the way forward

            Overgrown boundary wall at Beech House, St Germans – Guinness

            Hermitage’s maintenance team will visit but the tenant has trimmed back a

            section of the wall

            Tideford Car Park – Cornwall Council will look into the possibility of

            providing a sign ‘No Rubbish or Recycling to be left here’

            ‘Unsuitable for HGV’s’ sign at Penquite – the clerk will chase this

            Footpath from Polbathic to Trerulefoot – Cormac confirm that this will be

            maintained as part of the A road maintenance schedule, programmes for which

            are currently being written

            Polbathic Car Park – The growth around the car park has been passed to the

            appropriate team for consideration

            Road signs opposite Windy Ridge – this will be inspected and any remedial

            works will be carried out as budgets allow

            HGV sign at Furze Park on the B3249 – this will be inspected and any

            remedial works will be carried out as budgets allow

            Land off St Winnolls Road – the clerk will chase this

4.1.1        Highways – there were no new items raised

4.2       St Germans & District Twinning Association – Cllr Barnicoat had nothing

            to report

4.3       Update from the Port Eliot Liaison Meeting held on 16.8.12.

            The clerk summarised on items discussed:

            Burial Ground – it was agreed that a chain link fence will be provided along

            the new boundary which will be planted with a beech hedge

            Port Eliot Festival – various complaints regarding traffic and noise were

            discussed – village tickets were only made available to those disadvantaged by

            their close proximity to the site

            Overgrown hedges were identified and will be cut back ASAP


5.        Play parks

5.1       St Germans

            Wicksteed has carried out the wet pour repair and hope the finished result

            meets with the approval of the Parish Council. Cllr Barnes had inspected the

            repair and found it to be satisfactory.

            The fence repairs have now been carried out by Roger Prowse and we await

            his invoice

            Cllr Davey had carried out the August inspection and had treated the weeds

            along the fence-line

            Cllr Skelton will carry out the September inspection.        

5.2        Tideford

            In Cllr May’s absence, Cllr Hodge agreed to carry out the September


6.        Burial Ground

6.1       The amended Transfer Document has been signed by Cllr May and Cllr

            Barnes and has been returned to our solicitor with a cheque for £10238.00 –

            see 7.6. Mark Grassam hopes we will complete the purchase on 23.8.12.

            Before any works to the current boundary or the new boundary we must agree

            all works with Tom Rattray on behalf of Port Eliot.

            Cllr Elliott will speak to W H Bond to see if they would be prepared to level

            the ground we are purchasing. He will also enquire if they will include our

            boundary hedge trimming when theirs is cut and invoice us accordingly.

Esther Richmond and Dan Nicholls left the meeting. Cllr Barnes thanked them both for attending

7.          Finance

7.1       Mole Valley Farmers receipt for self closing springs for the play parks

            purchased by Cllr Barnes - £14.04

7.2       Lloyds Bank interest rates from 12.6.12 – 9.7.12 and information about the


7.3       Barclays i-sure data back up for July 2012 - £3.30

7.4       Quercus invoice for grass cutting, levelling 3 graves, hedge trimming at Burial

            ground and play park - £1195

7.5       EDF invoice for Tideford lighting from 1.5.12 – 31.7.12 - £27.85

7.6       Draft Completion Statement from our solicitor for the purchase of land to

            extend the burial ground - £10238.00

7.7       St Germans Under Fives requesting a donation of £1000 for a replacement

            shed and outdoor sports equipment/books.

            There was much discussion but before any decision on funding the Cllrs felt

            they needed more information regarding the Under Fives Finance and how the

            Charity worked. The clerk was asked to invite their Committee to the

            September meeting.

7.8       Clerks expenses for August - £47.05

7.9       Audit Commission has completed the Annual Audit for 2011/12. The Notice

            of Conclusion of Audit and Right to Inspect the Annual Return has been

            posted on all notice boards        

            It was proposed by Cllr Hodge and seconded by Cllr Yates that all finance

            items are approved. All were in favour

8.        Planning Applications        

            The following applications have been received by Cornwall Council:


8.1       PA12/06346

            Trerule Farm Trerulefoot                                                W H Bond & Sons

            Alteration and extension of former agricultural buildings to provide office

            suite, office manager’s accommodation, car port and file store together with

            upgrading of access track and amendments to access

            This application had been received after the July Agenda had been published.

            It was carried forward to this meeting for ratification. Cllr Elliott proposed that

            support is given to this application. This was seconded by Cllr Barnicoat and

            all were in favour

8.2       PA12/07033

            Little Swallows, Tideford Cross                                          Mrs P Braund

            Demolition of existing outbuilding and construction of annexe, change of use

            of agricultural land to domestic cartilage and installation of a septic tank

            It was proposed by Cllr Hodge and seconded by Cllr Yates that support be

            given to this application. All were in favour

8.3       PA12/06193

            Ridge House, Trerulefoot

            Demolition and reconstruction of existing workshops

            It was proposed by Cllr Elliott and seconded by Cllr Gillbard that support be

            given to this application. All were in favour


9.        Planning Decisions        

            The following decisions have been made by Cornwall Council:

9.1       PA12/06051 - APPROVED

            5 Heskyn View Mill Road, Tideford                                Mr & Mrs D Carter

            Erection of ground floor rear extension with flat roof balcony over and

            incorporating steps to rear garden

9.2       PA12/06322 – APPROVED

            Little Swallows, Tideford                                             Mr I Braund

            Construction of extension and dormers in connection with loft conversion

10.        Planning Correspondence and Reports

10.1     Cornwall Council acknowledgement of our objection to PA12/05854, the

            installation of free-standing solar photovoltaic arrays at Lanthrone, Tideford

            Cross Lane. Noted

            Mark Evans confirms that the application will go to Strategic Planning

            Committee and asks to be kept informed regarding the Community Benefits

            offered by the developer. The clerk was asked to reply for a payment of £5k

            per annum linked to RPI per MWp of installed solar panel capacity for 25

            years, based on other agreements already made.

10.2     Cornwall Council acknowledgement of our objection to PA12/05275, the

            erection of a single wind turbine, new vehicular access and associated

            infrastructure at land adjacent to Bake Sawmills. Noted

10.3     East Sub-Area Planning Committee – 15.8.12 at Camelford. Noted

10.4     Acknowledgement from Sheryll Murray MP of our objection to the Solar

            arrays at Lanthrone. Noted

10.5     Since the agenda had been printed the clerk had received consultation on

            Proposed Planning Protocols for Local Councils and Cornwall Council

            Members. A copy has been passed to Cllr Hodge

11.        Correspondence Received

11.1     Parish Online News – August Edition. Noted

11.2     CALC advice that failure to complete and register the ‘register of members

            pecuniary interests form’ is a breach of the Code of Conduct and leaves the

            member open to potential criminal prosecution. Noted  

            The clerk reported that she had today received alternative register of interests

            forms which do not differentiate between the interests of the Cllr and those of

            his/her spouse, civil partner etc.

11.3     Draft Sustainable Energy Action Plan for Cornwall – emailed to all Cllrs as

            comments can be made until 14.9.12

11.4     Cornwall Community Flood Forum 1st Conference – 21.9.12 at St Austell One

            Stop Shop. Noted

11.5     Cornwall Community Foundation’s grant programmes - noted

11.6     Rural Services Network – Rural Opportunities Bulletin August 2012. Noted

11.7     Cornwall Council Funding Bulletin – Arts & Culture, Business & Economy,

            Community, Environment & Heritage, Health, Schools & Education. Noted

11.8     Achieve ISO 9001 Certification in 30 days - noted

11.9     Saint Petroc’s Society asking for us to display their poster – on the St Germans

            notice board

11.10   CALC’s The Week – issue 23 and 24. Noted

11.11   Nut Tree – July edition. Noted

11.12   Rural Services Network – weekly email news digest. Noted

11.13   Cornwall Conversations Town & Parish Council Events – September and

            October 2012. Liskeard – 24.9.12, St Austell – 27.9.12, Camborne – 2.10.12,

            St Ives – 8.10.12, Bude – 15.10.12. Noted

11.14   Cornwall AONB/World Heritage Site Photo competition - noted

11.15   SLCC News Bulletin - noted

11.16   Cornwall Gateway Community Network – meeting notes from 18.7.12 plus

            Community Renewable Energy in Cornwall, Cornwall Council Governance

            Review, The Green Cornwall Programme (not printed but available from

            clerk) Noted

11.17   Sheryll Murray MP enclosing a letter from the Minister Bob Neil MP

            regarding the abolition of the Standards Board/Openness on Councillors

            Interests. Noted

11.18   Inter-Link Cornwall bulletins will now be called The Signpost Bulletin - noted

11.19   Cornwall Council Consultation – Charging Framework for Traffic

            management at Community and other events. Copies to Cllr Sullivan and Cllr


12.        Informal Correspondence

12.1     Cllr Elliott reported that the bushes at the builders yard opposite the Halfway

            House in Polbathic were again overgrown. The clerk was asked to contact

             Rikki Elliott

12.2      Cllr Yates reported that he had met with Cornwall Councillor Olive

             Eggleston. A meeting has been arranged by SLIC regarding the Lanthrone

             planning application and will be held on 22.8.12 at Cutcrew Farm. Cllr

             Eggleston will attend the meeting, as will Cllr Yates and Cllr Hodge.

12.3      The clerk had received a request from Cornwall Council for people willing to

             test their website. Cllr Sullivan agreed to take a look and see what was


The meeting closed at 9.50pm.

Signed as a true record of the meeting………………………………………………..