Accelerate Change Using the Subconscious

by Jenny Davidow, M.A. (Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved)

Albert Einstein once said, "Problems are never solved

on the level on which they were created."

Einstein described his creative process as thinking in images rather than words, such as imagining what it would be like to ride a light beam into space.

Like Einstein, when you penetrate beyond words and logic, you go beyond the limitations of your conscious mind's assumptions. You tap into the vast energy and awareness available to you - to discover deeper levels of knowing.

You can then understand and solve problems in ways your conscious mind cannot: from a larger perspective, on many levels at once, often with leaps of insight.


A healthy partnership between your conscious mind and your subconscious creates a blend of doing and being that your conscious mind cannot achieve alone. Your doing will be more focused and confident; your being will be more peaceful and comfortable.


Living a life that balances doing and being may be considered an act of both courage and skill in today's world. Our most valuable possession, and perhaps the rarest, is "peace of mind." You can have all the wealth and success possible, but without inner peace, it is worthless. Without peace in your own mind and heart, you can't enjoy life.


High stress is so common in our lives that we tend to accept its signals and symptoms as a necessary price to pay in order to succeed. We are all pressured to "try hard," but ironically the harder we try to succeed in the world of externals, the less inner peace we feel. This is why success can feel empty and meaningless.


Your deeper awareness is your greatest resource, yet most people ignore this vital aspect of our brain-power. We try to achieve goals or change behavior patterns or establish healthier habits, but sheer will-power isn't enough. We can't get it to happen without the agreement and support of the subconscious.


Your subconscious can actually help guide you back to inner peace. This is because your subconscious holds a large portion of your perceptions, assumptions, memories and skills.

Personal Coaching accelerates the natural ability of your subconscious to combine the information it holds in new and creative ways, helping you to solve problems and generate fresh perspectives. Your awareness of yourself and others increases, giving you more choice in the present moment. On physical and emotional levels, you are more comfortable and resilient.


Unacknowledged, the subconscious is a powerful force that can hold you back. But when you are willing to communicate with it, you are empowered beyond anything your conscious mind alone could offer.

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