Networking Your Classroom Computers

Name:  Kathryn Averkamp

Lesson Title:  Networking your Classroom Computers

Grade Level:  Teachers at Silver Gate Elementary


Teachers will learn the benefits of networking

Teachers will develop an understanding of how networks work

Teachers will set up their classroom network of Netbooks and learn basic ways to communicate with their students and their Netbooks

Standards Addressed:  

C2.1  Know the types of networks and their features and applications

C2.5  Understand the differences between various network environments

Relative Advantages:  Teachers can track student answers to verify understanding, monitor student progress, encourage participation from all students, and differentiate instruction

Timeline:  1 hour as full group, 1 hour applying learning in classroom

Materials:  Promethean Board, Teacher Computer, Classroom Netbook for each student in classroom

Grouping Strategies:  Whole group, grade level teams

Learning Activities:

1.  Teachers will watch a Prezi as an introduction to networking

2.  Teachers will follow simple directions in order to network their classroom Netbooks together

3.  Teachers will then practice simple tasks with their students using the networked computers

3.  Grade Level teams will create a lesson plan that fits into their curriculum and utilizes the Netbooks

4.  Teachers will discuss the lesson and give feedback to their grade level teams


Teachers will reflect on how well their lesson incorporated their classroom networks.  As a grade level, they will brainstorm other ways that they could take advantage of having Netbooks in their classrooms across all subjects.  If they did not successfully network all the computers, they will need to spend extra time setting it up correctly with someone who was successful.