C9 for Lab D

 255 FA10

Teacher     Jeremy West                              Date     12/3/2010                 Topic   Sport Stacking                                       

Essential Elements of Instruction         

Teaching Style: Command Practice Reciprocal Guided Discovery

      X     (1) Introduction         X    Name (implicit if continuing lesson or scaffolding)

     X      (1) Protocol/Signal of Attention          Whistle    X   Voice(s)       Music       Other

           (1) Hook/Anticipatory Set         Peaks interest & motivates                  Objectives             Expectations        

           (1)  Safety         Statement          Rules             Each Segment

    X      (1)  Instant Activity/Warm-up         Starts within 30 sec   __X_ All active    X   Aerobic       X   Flexibility        Specific  

     X      (1) Visual Aids             Color                       Neat                Mnemonic/acronym      __ Prop

     Contrast            x   Spelling           View from 30 Feet


     X       (1) Demonstration         X    Whole w/ equip.            Whole w/out equip.                   Slow motion with the cues

                            Different angles            Whole w/ equip. in context of task         X   Common fault        


    X       (1)  Tasks/Explanation      3-5 main points                  Relevant rules                     Cues                Uses Visual Aids


    X      (1)  Intratask Variation          changed task for low-skilled        X     changed task for high-skilled                  

           (1) CFU              Asks questions             3-5 sec. wait             Varied Questions         Student

                                                             Sample the group        Physical             Gestures              Performance

                (hi & low achievers)         Response                        


     X      (1) Practice             Activity matches obj           Hi-time on task        Foresight             Equipment Ready                                                        

    X      (3) Feedback          X  Used Names        Specific to cues (congruent)   ___≥ 50% students        Positive first        

     X      (1) Closure        View of Group         Questions         Refocusing the Learner        Student Part.

                           X  Students in sight          Preplanned             Restating expectations             Answered ques.

                             Backs to cues               Various types             Restating objectives             Student demon.        

  X  Hook next lesson (Dangle carrot)             Wait time

 Sub-Total A

 12    /15


     X      Assessment                   Authentic                    Reliable                         Valid

(2)  Presentation of Lesson        S = Strength        A=Average         W = Weakness

     Equipment & Supplies      Prepared      Transitions      Clean-up

  A   Teacher Placement       Visible   A   Facing Class      Keeps Students backs to Distractions

   A  Student Attention                  W   Enforces Signal                     Commands Attention             Uses a Signal

  A   Directions                     Foresight                  A   Clear and Concise                     Student Placement

 A    Maximum Participation          S   Students Active                  W   Safety Awareness                     Specific to Activity

     Pace                         A    On Task                     Transitions Orderly             Speed of Presentation

(2) Professional Attributes

          A   Voice       Clear        

     Firm                  W   Enunciates           W  Pronuciates

                     Language             Professional             Intelligible             Precise

                  A   Enthusiasm          A   Energy                     Intensity          A   Body Language                  S   Prof. Appearance             Dress                  A   Groomed             Self-Controlled

 Sub-Total B



Forms (loaded and published using Google Docs)

Lesson Plan


Time Coding




Time Coding

__X__ (1) Management < 15%

_X___ (2) Activity > 50%

____ (1) Instruction < 30%

__X__ (1) Waiting < 5%                                                  4/5

Reflection (4)  

Describing growth difference b/w labs with appropriate  evidence  loaded to Google Docs.  Ideally audio or video sample < 10 seconds) and photos. Posted to blog.



__X__ (1) TBI

__X__ (1) Scaffolding

__X__ (1) Pinpoint