In the dark of a theater two men sit talking. The projector flickers with a simple animation.

Scott: Let's say we had been trapped in this theater since birth. We have been strapped to these chairs and while we sit next to each other, a wall separates us. The projector is similarly blocked from our view. Make sense?

George: Perfectly. And you want to know if this would be our reality.

Scott: Naturally.

George: Naturally, it would. Knowing no other reality, this would constitute the sum total of our world.

Scott: Agreed. And we would compete to see who could better guess at what happens next in the life unfolding before our eyes.

George: That we would. And I would be better at doing so. Impressed, you'd elect me king.

Scott: Fair enough. But what if I broke free? What if I escaped this theater and made my way outside?

George: You'd be blinded. Your eyes would never have seen real sunlight before.

Scott: That would be incredibly uncomfortable. I expect I would be hesitant to make my way outside and would have trouble making sense of the 3D world… after my eyes adjusted, of course.

George: After you discovered the real world, would you come back to enlighten me?

Scott: How could I? Would you listen to my mad ramblings and babbling about a fuller world? You've read Flatland… how do you describe three dimensions to those witness only to a single plane?

George: And as your king, your madness could be explained by your lower birth. Plus, you'd be even more incapable of beating me at the screen game since your eyes hadn't yet adjusted to dim lighting.

Scott: This is the current state of our world. For there is more to our existence than we currently perceive. But how do we break free and experience this ultimate reality, so more complete than this mortal coil?

George: And how do we encourage people to break free in the first place? How do we help them overcome their prejudice and distrust of our proclamations?