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1.  To train children to become apprentices of Jesus Christ through: 

     learning and memorizing the Bible, applying the Bible to life,

     and supporting missions through prayer, giving and service.

2.  To promote teamwork and good sportsmanship through game time.

3.  To have fun.



Children’s START DATE:


First Wednesday in September




Wednesday Nights from 6:30 to 8:15



AWANA is a children’s ministry program whose main goal is to reach children with the Gospel of Christ and train them to serve him.  It is based on the scripture “For you must teach others those things you and many others have heard me speak about.  Teach these great truths to trustworthy men who will, in turn, pass them on to others.”     (2 Timothy 2:15)




    CUBBIES -    Two years prior to entering kindergarten


This program requires some parental participation at home.  It is designed for younger children and includes a cute character named Cubbie Bear, a blue vest with accompanying awards for “Cubbies” to wear and a zoo motif. Cubbie Bear encourages children as they achieve in their handbooks.  Handbooks provide Bible memorization curriculum and stimulating activities designed specifically for preschoolers.  Each year they will complete an entire book (first year is the Hopper book and second year is the Jumper book) both of which teach basic Bible truths about God and the Bible.  They will receive patches to be placed on their Cubbies vest as they achieve them and it will be worn each week to the club meetings.


  SPARKS -      Kindergarten through 2nd grade

This program is designed for children in regular kindergarten through second grade. Sparks includes a fun firefly character named Sparky, a red vest with accompanying awards for “Sparkies” to wear, and a nature motif. Sparky firefly encourages and motivates children through handbook achievements.  There are three handbooks and ranks for kindergarten, first-graders and second-graders.  Handbooks provide Bible memorization curriculum and other Bible centered activities.  Sparkies will place their awards for their achievements on their vests to be worn to each club meeting.


    TRUTH AND TRAINING GIRLS - 3rd grade girls – 6th grade girls

    TRUTH AND TRAINING BOYS - 3rd grade boys – 6th grade boys


This program includes green T-shirts for uniforms, which will allow for the display of their achievement patches on a badge. There are four books and awards for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders.  Their handbooks provide a variety of Bible memorization, and mission activities. 




Each week the club night begins with a group time in the gym that will consist of a flag ceremony with pledges to the American, Christian and AWANA flags. Each group will then have a different schedule to follow.  All groups will participate in a game time to promote teamwork, good sportsmanship and to have fun; a handbook time to help the children achieve their goals through scripture memorization and activities; and large group time which will promote the gospel through missions focused object lessons and devotions. 




1.  Pray & Prepare: Please pray for the AWANA clubs and help prepare them for each club night.

2.  Bring other children: If you are bringing your kids, why not stop along the way and bring kids you have room for.

3.  Financial Support: Club dues in the amount of $.50 per week help to underwrite club costs. The optional club offering that we collect from the kids each week is used to support three orphans from India that our AWANA clubs have adopted.  These orphans are taken care of at a boarding school that is run by Tom Cox International Ministries. 

We also use it to help support our regional AWANA missionary (from MO) who must raise his own support to serve.

4.  Volunteer: To help with one of the clubs.


 Areas where help is needed:

Any questions, please contact me; David K Ellis at 573.690.3148

Thank You