CalculusA branch of mathematics that deals with derivatives and integrals  

of functions. It is used to find rate of change, acceleration, area, volume, and more.

Hours: I will try to be in my room every morning by 7:45. I will be there until 4:00 p.m. every evening also, until basketball and junior high track season. My prep periods are 3rd hour and 6th hour. Other times can be arranged also. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to seek help when needed. Math is a subject that builds on itself so it is important to get help early to understand the subject matter. Remember, no question is a stupid question. If you do not know, ASK!!

Classroom Rules:

  1. Be Respectful

*Respect your classmates and teacher at all times. This includes

listening quietly while others are talking.

*Respect the property of the school and others.

*Respect yourself

  1. Be Responsible

*Come to class prepared: notebook, folder, pen/pencil, calculator,


*Have your assignment done prior to coming to class.

*Be in your seat and ready to learn by the time the bell rings.

  1. Do Your Own Work
  2. Have FUN!!
  3. The bell does not dismiss you, I do.

Grading: Grades will be calculated based on points. Very few, if any, points will be given for homework.


Quizzes/Tests: Quizzes and tests are to be completed using a pencil. Quizzes will be announced or unannounced.

Extra Credit: Extra credit will be given throughout the year, but will not be available on a regular basis.

Group Work: You will be able to work in groups throughout the school year                 provided you stay on task and work productively.

Leaving the Classroom: If you want to leave the classroom for whatever reason, you MUST  have your pass sheet. If you do not have your pass sheet, you will not be able to leave the room. Make sure your name is on the pass sheet.

Tardiness: Each person is allowed two “free” tardies per semester. Each tardy after that will result in a 30-minute detention.

Cheating: Cheating will not be tolerated! The school handbook’s consequences will be used.

Absence: If you know you are going to be absent make sure to notify me as soon as you can so that you can be given the assignment for the day. If you are not able to notify me in advance, make sure to notify me as soon as possible so I can get you your assignment(s). All assignments missed will be due no later than two times the number of days absent.

*Note: Make sure to have the assignment that was due the day of the absence completed, as it will be due the day you return.

**The teacher has the right to change any of the above mentioned at any given time of the school year.