Southeast Junior Development Camp



Name of Participant


IN CONSIDERATION of permission to participate in the Southeast Region junior Development Camp and related events and activities, I acknowledge that:


1.      By virtue of my attendance and/or participation I risk bodily injury, paralysis, dismemberment, and death, and other loss including damage to property. I understand that my attendance and/or participation in this event may result in my being struck by a crew shell, slipping and/or falling on a dock, falling into the water, heat exhaustion, hypothermia and/or drowning. These injuries are some, but not all of the possible injuries I could sustain.

2.      I knowingly and freely assume all such risk.

3.      I release, hold harmless and promise not to sue the City of Chattanooga, Baylor School, USRowing or the Southeast Region Junior Development Camp, its officers, officials, agents, employees, and sponsors, with respect to any such injury, paralysis, dismemberment, death, or loss except that injury or loss which results from the gross negligence of willful or wanton misconduct of one of those individuals or organizations.

4.      I understand that rowing is an extremely physically demanding sport, and I have cleared by family physician. I am in proper condition to compete and/or participate in such and event. I understand that I may be required to row several times during an event, and once I have been trained sufficiently, and I am in good shape, for this task. I am able to pass a swim test; I understand that rowing requires me to be outdoors and that I am in proper condition to withstand exposure to the elements, even on a very cold or very hot Tennessee day.

5.      If any portion of this Waiver shall be deemed to be invalid, the remainder of this Waiver shall remain in force for the period of one year from the date signed below.



Participant's Signature:__________________________________   Date:______________


Participant's Name (print):___________________________________________________


For Participants of Minority Age:

If the participant is less than 18 years of age, then the parent or legal guardian must also sign below. (The volunteer/participant must still sign where indicated above.)


This is to certify that, as parent/guardian of this volunteer/participant, I do consent to his/her waiver and release as set forth above.


Parent/Guardian Signature:________________________________ Date:______________


Parent/Guardian Name (print):________________________________________________