Note: I thought it would be important to post this data for use in Wikipedia and other similar sites. It appears that often the normal schools (Kent and BG) tend to post enrollment numbers that include their branch campuses.  That isn’t right to claim that these branch campuses are an actual part of the entire university.  This is especially true with Kent State. They literally have over a half dozen campuses all over the state that act as mere community colleges.  

In short, I felt that this is a distinction worth making clearly with data.  

I plan to post the data for Ohio’s smaller schools like Ohio U, Bowling Green, Miami, and Case Western when I have more time.  

Feel free to check my data periodically, as this will obviously change every fall.

Largest Main campus enrollments among Ohio Universities (As of June 3, 2010)

  1. Ohio State University:  55,014
  2. University of Cincinnati: 39,667
  3. University of Akron:  27,911
  4. University of Toledo: 23,000
  5. Kent State University: 22,929