GBMS Library Media Center Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the procedure for a student to come to the library in the morning?

A: Students can enter the library before school any time between 8:00 and 8:45 in the morning; once a student enters the library they must stay until dismissal for the school day - unless they have a pass to a teacher's room. In order to enter, a student only needs to have their ID and present it to the adult supervising the Kenilworth  doors, then again upon entering the library. As the library is a space reserved for students to have a quiet place in order to get work done, we only ask that students coming to the library in the morning have some work to do - even if they just need a quiet place to read.

Q: What is the procedure for a student to come to the library during lunch?

A: Students are welcome to come to the library during the activity portion of their lunch in order to get homework done or read. All they need to do this is obtain a pass from a teacher before their lunch period and present it when arriving at the library.

Q: What do I need when coming to the library during classes?

A: Students should, of course, have a pass from their teacher. They should also have their ID with them as books cannot be checked out without it (the barcode on their ID is also their library card). Students should also know any user names and passwords if they intend to ask to use a computer.

Q: How many books can be checked out at one time?

A: Students may have up to 6 books checked out at one time and may keep them for 3 weeks. Students may not check out any new books if one or more of their checked out books are overdue.