OpenStreetMap Foundation

Communications Working Group Meeting


9th May 2011,

21:00- GMT (22:00 - CET)



Present: Richard Weait, Oliver Kühn, Harry Wood, Charlotte Wolter


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Adoption of previous minutes

Minutes of 2nd Mayl 2011:

Propose: Harry

Seconded:  Charlotte

None opposed

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Matters Arising:

[ ]


Finalise agenda for this call.

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Any other business


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Membership emailing

Oliver contacted Henk. Simone is unreachable due to health problems. Maybe reachable end of may.

It seems action is needed fairly urgently to get response emails flowing and ensure we have an up-to-date membership database.

This can perhaps be a CWG task, but for now we are unclear on the status of various things. Agreed that the CWG should recommend to the board to urgently discuss what action to take, and determine who has access to information. e.g. Will it be necessary to trawl the PayPal transactions to rebuild a database? (worst case scenario)  CWG can also offer to take actions e.g. help with setting up new spreadsheets or more automated systems, if we know what the state of affairs is.

ACTION ITEM Oliver to convey message to the board. Action needed on this.

ACTION ITEM Harry to look for old response emails from foundation, and/or draft response text


tile layers policy statement

Completed by Richard

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skins & themes update

Looks like grant deployed the new wordpress theme: . but not the new mediawiki skin for some reason.

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blog post [new OSM logo]

We need a new icon blog post (  )  Steve didn’t do it. ACTION ITEM: reassigned to Richard)

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Developing copy for foundation site

[ ]

Continued discussion on FAQ section. Not much progress on previous action item. Oliver has suggested some questions. ACTION ITEM: continued from last time. Everybody to review FAQ section ( )   We agreed to make changes in the discussion pages and email to notify others to review.


Blog translations

Various blog posts have gone up recently (Thanks to Richard)  We need to remember to arrange for these to be translated.


Next meeting.

Monday 16th MAY 2010,

2100BST, 2200CET, 1600EDT, 2000UTC 1400MDT

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