Mass Effect Space Combat Sim Proposal:

  1. A space flight/combat focused Adventure/RPG, with a trimmed down use of ME Trilogy style combat and gameplay for additional depth and immersion into universe.
  1. Gameplay will consist of ¾ space exploration and combat, with remaining ¼ encompassing off ship combat and exploration.
  2. The player will able to dock and explore several ports, space stations and colonies throughout the galaxy.
  1. Most will be small and only offer a few NPCs to interact with to acquire new quests, information and to repair their ship and buy new equipment and upgrades.
  2. A few locations such as the Citadel, Omega, Illium and Palaven will offer larger environments to explore with a more lively and robust appearance as they do in the ME trilogy.
  1. Maintained focus on crew relations, branching dialogue and rich story in line with ME tradition.
  1. Plot will be of much more personal, less galactic in scale, importance.
  1. Any large scale conflict(s) will only serve as a backdrop to the more personal and character driven plot.
  2. Plot will be based on a specific theme or event. Revenge, redemption and similar motivations will be driving force of story.
  1. Emphasis will be placed on world building, expanding lore and less known species.
  1. Expanded role of exploration allowing players to utilize FTL drives to explore full scale star clusters broken into zones via Mass Relays.
  1. Star clusters will be rendered in full scale 3D allowing players to fly at FTL speeds between systems in clusters. e.g. Independence War 2.
  2. Exploration and story progression can be as open ended or linear as required by narrative.
  1. This can be achieved by limiting players to certain Clusters via the Mass Relays requiring specific IFFs in order to use a Mass Relay to enter a new area.
  1. Ship progression will feature no less than 3 unique ship classes, upgraded as story progresses and plot requires.
  1. Ships will be modular, with a fair degree of customization both visually and mechanically.
  2. Ship classes will consist of a 4 man independent fighter, a 7 man raider and a 10 man lite corvette.
  1. Each class should have up to 3 variants available for purchase for enhanced visual and combat diversity.
  1. Ship upgrades and equipment should be simple and straight forward, while still providing worthwhile and visible changes in gameplay.
  1. It should be clear to players the advantages and disadvantages to different configurations and loadouts.
  1. Crew will consist of up to ten possible crew members of various races fulfilling squad and ship operations roles.
  1. Each ship duty will be a key to success in combat and maximizing a ship’s capabilities.
  2. Player decides which duty each crewmen occupies on ship, allowing for varied use of crewmen and greater variance for ship’s abilities based on crewmen unique talents.
  1. It should be simple and easy for players to see how each crew member affects the ships overall abilities
  2. Placement and swapping of crew from different posts should be seamless and straightforward with an elegant GUI.
  1. As with ME trilogy combat, space combat will be a mix of skill and RPG abilities/stats.
  1. Players will have to invest in ships, ship upgrades and skill upgrades that match their play style.
  2. Crewmen, as already stated, will be placed in specifics roles aboard the ship that will affect its overall performance in combat and exploration.
  3. Ship combat will rely on Newtonian based physics and be flown from a cockpit view.
  1. Active abilities will be limited in number and scope, for both the player and crewmen, to allow the player to manage and select abilities within combat without pausing and without relying on active abilities too much.
  1. Level progression and upgrades will be ship dominated.
  1. Main Character (MC) will begin as the default class of Pilot, with a one-time selectable modifier of combat class from ME Trilogy.
  1. Class modification will also affect Pilot skills, providing passive bonuses to piloting/ship abilities based on class.
  2. i.e. selecting an Engineer will provide minor increase to ship speed and maneuverability. Soldier will increase weapons accuracy and damage. Adept will increase system defenses and eezo consumption. Hybrid classes will net mixed increases based on class mixes, increases though will be less than pure classes.
  1. Crewmen will each be of a class unique to them, which will provide a variety of combat skills and allow for placement at no less than two ship stations.
  1. Each crewman will have unique passive abilities and skills that alter ships capabilities based on where they are stationed onboard.
  1. Such as enhanced detection, faster weapon cooldowns, or increased shield strength.
  1. Skills and abilities need to be deep but simple to understand and upgrade.
  1. Stats should be straightforward and easy to understand immediately what they do and how they will affect gameplay.
  1. Off-Ship combat will consist of limited skirmishes between player squad and enemies.
  1. Because level progression and player skills focus are ship centric, combat skills will be on a set progression with no player input, outside of initial class selection for MC only.
  1. Combat skills will be awarded and increase in strength/ability as player reaches specific levels.
  1. i.e. at level 1 an Adept will only have Biotic Push, at level 10 Pull, 20 singularity.
  1. The player will only be able to choose their own weapon loadout. Each crewman will have two weapons unique to them.
  1. Some crewman will have the same weapon class loadout but with different variants of said classes, which are permanent.
  2. The MC and crewmen will all have unique armor for combat and outfits for when aboard ship.
  1. MC’s armor and outfit will be based upon class modifier and can only modify color and material.
  2. Crewmen armors and outfits will not be modifiable.
  1. Weapons and armor stats will only be upgraded via purchasable research upgrade.
  1. MC’s armor and outfit will change with each new ship and new title.
  1. The majority of Off-Ship combat will occur during boarding raids when either the player or enemy is attempting to capture their respective ships and involve less than 10 enemy combatants.
  1. The second main occurrence will be on space station, colonies and ports for select missions also involving quite small enemy forces.
  1. The majority of these will be optional side quests, whereas the main quest will focus predominantly on space combat engagements with only a select few set piece fire fights that may be larger and more complex than the average boarding raid or sidequest fire fight.
  1. Each crewman will have a loyalty missions, these missions will vary in length, scope and style.
  1. Missions will encompass a variety of modes from space combat, off-ship combat and dialogue driven sequences.
  1. Uniqueness and variety are paramount and missions shouldn’t focus on one particular aspect alone, though space combat, exploration and dialogue will form the bulk of them.
  1. All loyalty missions will be multifaceted, involving 3 or more segments.
  1. Length can vary among the segments as can availability
  1. Some loyalty missions can be completed almost immediately, while others will unfold less quickly and may be dependent on main plot progression.
  2. As well, dependent on a players choices and overall relation with crewman, loyalty missions can be cut off or ended based on said choices.