OpenStreetMap Foundation
 Team meeting

Aug 24th, 2011 16:00 GMT / 17:00 BST / 18:00 CET


Expecting: Harry Wood, Michael Collinson, Mikel Maron, Henk Hoff, Oliver Kühn

Present: Hurricane Coast, Oliver Kühn, Harry Wood, Henk Hoff, Steve Coast, Michael Collinson


Minutes previous meeting

July 27th, 2011

Proposed: Harry

Seconded: Hurricane


Agenda & Minutes

Communications updates

Thoughts on mailing list discussion?

- General feeling is that people are afraid of becoming a large bureaucratic organization. There is not an overwhelming negative feeling, but more a sceptical. It’s up to us to see that this is really working.

AGM board elections inviting nominations

- CWG will make some posts about the board, management team and the upcoming board elections. Also to stimulate people to candidate themselves for position of board member.

- We all could suggest to people we know to candidate themselves.

License communications

- Communications working group can help the LWG with documents on the foundation site   and also a new one if we split   users/contributors

- other communications work (“osm for your boss”, “license 1 pager”)

Engineering team kick off

First meeting had taken place. Matt is the contact person.

Front page contest?

Would like to have something like this. Sounds like a task for the Engineering WG. We’ll forward it to them for a response.

Definition to website

Harry is updating the OSMF website with the task&responsibilities of the Working Groups.

Magellan hacking day

A group of OSM-users is interested in running a hacking-day to hack on the Magellan format. They are looking for a hack-day sponsor. Would the OSMF be interested in sponsering such an event?

Yes, we would consider sponsering such an event. Oliver is going back to the group that requested this to come up with a proposal.

License Working Group

>400.000 registered users.  Roughly 350 specifically denied the CT.

We want to stimulate tools to visualize the status progress and help individuals with their local areas.

60.000 not responded to the new CT. Of which 6.500 contributors who have more that 100 nodes edited.

Need to do another outreach to undecided people.

A need for a mailing in specific languages.

There is a parameter in the user-profile which indicates the language of preference (for the website).

Next meeting

Wednesday Sep 6th, 6pm UTC, dial-in

Next meeting may be a face-to-face during SotM.

We’re moving the time of our meetings up 2 hours to 6pm GMT.