What Women Fear  

Introduction and Chapter One Discussion              


1. In the introduction on page 1, the Author discusses the idea that God asks questions in response to people who are struggling with through something.  She uses Jacob as an example.  To build off of that, in what ways do we as moms and wives use similar approaches when relating to our children and spouses?

2.  Did you find the comment about Satan forcing us into sin, somewhat sobering?  How does this change your view on tactics to draw us into sin?   (Genesis 3:2-3)

3.  The author describes fear as a “balancing act” (page 4) what do you think she means?

4.  I found it comforting that in finally stepping out on a limb and sharing her fears, the woman who was in the author’s study was able to put a voice to her fears and in doing so brought a group of women together in ways that were God ordained.  If you’re comfortable sharing, in what areas are you fearful, what areas do you need to release to The Lord for healing and strength?

Chapter One:

1.  What if?  How many of us struggle with the What-if game?  Did it surprise you that in all of the what if games we play within ourselves, satan is the root?  

2.  What areas do you need to trust that even though you may have meddled and done things your  own way, the Lord can take the poor decisions you’ve made and turn them into something beautiful? (pages 16-24)

3.  On page 24, Angie says something that should rock us to the core, what are your thoughts on her comment?....It is so easy to fear we have ruined something beautiful.  So easy for us to believe that we held the keys to what was supposed to be and now we are destined to live among the ashes that remain.

4.   Life makes much more sense through the lens of hindsight, are there any situations in your life where you were fearful, and in retrospect you can see God’s hand throughout the whole situation?  How will you take the knowledge of God’s plan for our best and use that in situations where the what-if’s are so frightening?

5.    I want to encourage you as women and moms to memorize 2 Corinthians 10:5.  How freeing to focus our thoughts on what Christ thinks of us.  We are his handiwork, the jewel in his crown.  He adores us, and wants us to see ourselves as he sees us; beautiful creations.

6.  What in these two chapters convicted you?  What things will you be able to take home and apply to your life, and in situations that seem daunting?

7.  How do you relate to Hagar in this chapter?  You can read more about her story in Genesis chapters 16-21.  I encourage you to read it after reading the chapter in our book.  What things stand out to you that you may not have noticed before?

**Weekly Challenge**

 Memorize 2 Corinthians 10:5 ← There will be prizes for  memorizing verses!

Make a list of situations that catch you in the “what-if” trap.  Pray through each of these things this week, and if you feel comfortable bring the list next week so that as a group we can pray and then release those fears to the One who is our safe place and our healer.