October 11, 2010

Attendees:  Phil and Sally Hart, Dee Rose, Tim Draney, Sue Dalbout, Nick Billardello, Rev. Stephen Kanouse, Kim Saunders, Susie Henning

Phil opened with devotions at 7:00pm

Financial and Stewardship Report

The report was passed out, but Nolan and Carl were absent so we didn’t go over it.

Congregational Meeting Nov 7th

Congregational committee reviewed the constitution and made a few minor changes.  Meeting has been announced to the congregation.  The following will be done at that meeting:

Dee is the membership committee and asked about committees and how they will function with the steering committee.  Committees that are formed report to the steering committee.  Once the steering committee is elected, they can create standing committees.  In some churches, it is hard to find enough people to serve on council; but we may have more people than slots that want to serve.  Stephen suggested that we have a mixture of launch team members on the steering committee for the next couple years so some people can be elected to one year terms and some elected for two year terms.  

We may also have some standing committee chairs that other people can handle.  These will be decided by the steering committee. The only committees required by the constitution are audit, nominating, and mutual ministry.  

Some churches handle committees by having a “council” member as a liaison to a committee.    We will create a new constitution when we move to being a congregation.

Phil and Kenn can give the brief report of what’s been accomplished while the ballots are being counted.  They can also give a high-level financial report.

Update from Rev. Stephen Kanouse

Review table meets in Chicago sometime January through March to review paperwork.  We need to have the New Ministry profile done by middle of December.  

We submit the paperwork and get the approval from this meeting and then move to the next level.  We have already sent in our ROSE document.  

It is not necessary to ask for money in the New Ministry forms.  The more that we can do without grant money, the healthier we will be.  We will not be dependent on grant money if we don’t get much.  We don’t have to be a “congregation under development” very long; we can move into organized congregation.  The advantage of going through the new ministry path is that the synod can call Nick and he can be ordained.  

There has to be a sense of being financially sound in the near future in order to be approved by the new ministry team.  

We need to base to whatever grants we ask for on our financials.  We should have a pretty good estimate after the pledge drive in November.  

There are two events in early 2011 that Nick could attend.  One is a mission developer networking event and the other is a mission developer training event.  We are creating a document to ask for a $300 grant to cover these.  

Stephen suggests being a “congregation under development” even for a short time as it is a step of the process to becoming a congregation.  If we do the profile and realize that we can organize as a congregation then we can do that on our own and call Nick.  There will not be any grant money except through the New Ministry Profile.  The profile will help us take an assessment of where we are now.  Stephen said that about 125-150 people is a good congregation start.  

Stephen mentioned that the next step could be to buy property.  If we decide that we can do ministry without buying property; that is okay too.  Once property is being paid for, people want to build immediately.  

How do we figure out what is important as we move forward.  We need to pray and study to see what God wants for us.  We need to remember that we need to continue going back to God in the process.  

Other resources available:  Mission Investment Fund.  The MIF provides money at low interest for the first purchase of property.  They also provide money for the first building.  If property is bought with a building on it, then they offer low interest loans.  

We are planning on doing the pledge drive as an anonymous drive.  It will be a pledge between the person and God.  

We need to have temple talks before the congregational meeting.  We can emphasize the stewardship portion and the congregational meeting.  We can have these on the 31st and the 7th.  We can show a humorous PowerPoint on the 24th.  

We should have a small committee to prepare the New Ministry document.  They can then bring it back to the Launch Team for review.  Stephen went through this packet with us.  Stephen thinks we should have a meeting in early November with him and the committee.  We will try to create the committee with some people not on the launch team.

ELCA guidelines for first year called pastor are $34,000-$35,000 salary; housing 15,000-24,000, plus pension and benefits.  We should move to full time for Nick as soon as we can.  Information about pensions is at www.elcabop.org

Stephen also shared with us the sad news that 65 people were let go from the ELCA church-wide organization.  

Other topics and updates:

Sue has a time and talent draft.  

Tim researched laptops for Nick and we can buy one for around $500.00.  It will have all the programs necessary.  Tim says we can have it in 6-10 days.  He also needs a printer and Tim will check on these.  Phil moved that we order the laptop.  Dee seconded and we approved.  

The Stewardship group will get materials and work with Nolan on budget.  Phil will ask Carl to head that up.

Bishop will preach on the 24th and Vince Nelson will preach on the 31st.  

The choir will sing on the 24th.  Sue got some feedback that people on the other side of the church couldn’t hear the choir as well.  If they were in front of the altar, perhaps they could be heard better.  We will put the altar on the stage on the 24th.  There are 18 members of the choir.  They are working on creating small groups such as a men’s group etc.  

Tuesday night bible study – music is very loud at the restaurant.  In a couple weeks they will move to another restaurant.  For the first Tuesday of November, they will look for another restaurant.  

Piano update – Sally will talk to Pat at the school to see where we can store the piano.  Susie will measure the door into the music room.  

Luther Seminary and Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary Advent Devotions – they are 100 for $60 and need to be ordered by October 22nd.  Phil will order these.

Date for a LT party with spouses will be Saturday Nov 6th at the  Draney’s house.  Guys need to cook all the food.  

Youth want to do a youth-led service.  They would prefer the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  

Calvary – cost of bulletins is $56 a month for paper and copy cost.    Smaller bulletins would cost less – more like $30 a month.  We might go to smaller ones after a while.  Right now we will continue with the larger ones.  We will send a check for $112.

The McTaggert children will celebrate first communion this Sunday.  

Sally will ask for permission to have the building on Christmas Eve.  We will have one service.  

Wednesday night advent services – Nick has confirmation on Wednesday nights.  Do we want to have advent services?  Can we use the building?  Sally will check on the availability of the building.

No Sunday School on the 26th.  

Next meeting Monday November 1st 

Susie closed in prayer at 9:20.  (she also asked for prayers for herself – her admin asst resigned today and she doesn’t think the company will replace her).