Today you will be discussing the topic of #Kony2012 online! You will be listening to what is happening in in inside circle and using it to help you contribute to the discussion boards.

1. Go to RV Kony 2012.

2. Click Richland 2 Discussion on the left. (if nothing shows up, use the link on the page)

3. Click "NEW TOPIC" (red box) to join the group & start posting.

4. Select “No Email.” Under "Display name," select "Use this nickname." Type your first name & last initial (example: John S.). 

5. Start the discussion! Enter a Subject and a question or opinion. Click "Post" (red box).

6. Read through the topics already created and add your questions & opinions.

*Please be respectful to the other people and only discuss the ideas.

**Please remember that you are representing yourself, your teacher, Ridge View, and Richland 2. Make us proud and show the world how awesome you are!