Playstuff HL team writeup - Week 2

All the general information from Week 1’s writeup still applies RE: calling etc. Our calling was very good last week (particularly on badwater, which we rolled, but which unfortunately wasn’t recorded). Give the viaduct comms a little listen for an idea of how good calling should sound in-game - as you can tell, it can get a little chaotic at times with 9 people talking at the same time, so clarity and conciseness are very important as was discussed last week!

Now for map strategies:


Our viaduct strategy for last week, it turned out, was unrealistic and difficult to execute. After some brainstorming and analysis, the revised viaduct strat is this:

Once we have capped and are defending, the majority of the classes will drop back to behind the point. Medic, heavy, demo, pyro will all be tucked in and around the rock, with the medic hidden from sniper sightlines. When they attempt to push out onto the point, we will push back in from there. Roaming classes will be in their half, spotting their routes of attack and calling where they will be pushing from, as well as getting picks if possible.

Class specifics:

Scout - roaming in their half through cliffs/balcony/house/their left yard, hassling and calling attack routes.

Soldier - roaming when necessary, particularly jumping their cliffs to get in the face of their sniper.

Pyro - with our combo at all times, guarding against spies and reflecting projectiles if the opportunity arises.

Demo - pocket with heavy and pyro, getting stickytraps down and doing horrendous damage when they attempt to push

Heavy - pocket at all times, unleashing a hail of bullets that stops them getting onto the point

Engie - wrangled mini-sentry from the cliffs worked very well as a hassle when Wykop used it against us, I would recommend that. Also dispenser somewhere convenient for our power classes to heal and reload.

Medic - constantly charging uber with the heavy/demo/pyro (if you are charging too slow, ask the demo to help you build by self-damaging). Self-preservation is a priority - pop it don’t drop it.

Sniper - moving between our cliffs/our stairs as necessary, countersniping and getting picks.

Spy - roaming behind enemy lines with the scout, calling attack routes and getting picks (particularly the heavy if possible).

If we lose the point and are attacking, main caller will specify a route to push through (stairs/valley/cliff) and everyone (except spy) will push that route at the same time - perhaps the roamers can go through the near valley if you push stairs or cliffs, but all pocket classes should be pushing as one unit.

Remember to check for sticky traps around doorways etc, pocket classes this is your responsibility to make sure they don’t get the medic. Shock and awe tactics are the name of the game, pour out and overwhelm them.

And remember, when you get the chance, CAP. Cap points do not work like the cart in payload - there is no maximum cap speed. The more people on the point, the faster it caps, so pile on!


Our badwater tactics worked excellently, so very little will change for upward, particularly on offense.

Again, while attacking, scout and engineer will always be pushing, and every other class will be clearing the route ahead. The only exception is the tunnel between points 1 and 2 - this area often turns into carnage and it can be easy for the defenders to slow a team right down in there, so we want a little more firepower with the cart at this point. The soldier will accompany the cart through this tunnel, and after that resume his role pushing ahead with the rest of the team. All other players should be pushing over the top at this tunnel section, clearing sentry nests and forcing them right back into spawn.

Class specifics:

Scout - pushing the cart at all times to get it rolling as fast as possible.

Soldier - ahead of the cart for the most part, accompanying it through the tunnels between 1 and 2.

Pyro - pocket with the combo, spychecking and reflecting.

Demo - clearing the route ahead with the rest of the power classes.

Heavy - pocket at all times, clearing out any attempt at defence before it can fully form.

Engie - pushing the cart at all times, dumping minisentries for more firepower and cover.

Medic - helping the power classes clear the path for the cart.

Sniper - doing your thing, getting angles and picks, hassling them and making them afraid to step out into the clear and defend the cart.

Spy - doing your thing, picks where possible, calling defensive locations so we know what to expect.

While defending, again we will construct our defence based on our sentry locations. I’m sure you know the locations I would recommend (basically the same ones I used in the 6v9 upward defence) but I’ll write them here since I can’t show them at the training:

Point 1 - Right side alcove, covering the high ground and providing a solid place for power classes to push out from. This spot can be vulnerable to spam from their left spawn exit, so have the wrangler for extra health and to send some boolets and rockets to deal with spam/snipers peeking there.

Point 2 - the slightly raised platform just outside spawn, covering the exit from the tunnel and most of the yard. The easiest way to attack this sentry location is to drop down from the windows above it, so power classes keep those clear.

Point 3 - peeking out from the right hand doorway into yard, this is a solid position and very hard to push onto with good team support.

Point 4 - AMENDED - in the middle of the upper balcony, in line with the last section of cart track, wrangling down.

Also, I’m fairly sure every Playstuff reg knows about this by now, but just in case - on upward defence, after the enemy cap point 2 and the spawn moves back, you do not need to run all the way around point 4 to get back to the action. Instead head out the upper spawn exit onto the balconies, go to the end (where our engie would set up when defending point 4) and turn around. There is a dropdown there which takes you directly to point 3. This dropdown is open until they capture point 3 and is much faster than running all the way around, so do make use of it!

So, defensive class specifics:

Scout - roaming and hassling, calling push locations, forcing uber etc.

Soldier - roaming with scout, forcing uber/taking out medic if possible.

Pyro - close to the sentry with the Homewrecker in case the engie goes down to a sniper, to prevent an easy sap. If the sentry goes down and isn’t going back up any time soon, move to protect the combo.

Demo - pocket, locking down attack routes and choke points.

Heavy - pocket at all times, keeping an eye out for areas the sentry can’t cover, soaking up damage.

Engie - getting buildings up and keeping them up, whip out that wrangler if you need extra protection.

Medic - with the power classes, looking to counterpush and block their ubers with ours.

Sniper - countersniping, getting picks, forcing them to fall back for heals.

Spy - you know what to do.