SUNY Cortland

EDU 255

 Verbal Transcription of Lab


The purpose of this assignment is to make an exact written record of your verbal statements during your teaching lesson.


In "outline" form used below, write down every word, sound you made during the entire lesson.  Put each sentence on its own line, and be sure to include all of the "little" things (OKs, ums, etc.) in each sentence. Indicate to whom you were speaking (the whole class, one student, yourself).

Jump Rope- Heel Lift and Straddle Run

To Whole Class: Alright everyone let’s bring it in right by the poster right here.

How’s it going? Is everyone doing alright today? Today were going to be

continuing our jump rope lesson. But first my signal for attention is going to be

my voice, and when you hear my voice make sure you guys are paying attention

and listening to what I have to say, also another signal for attention is going to be

the music, when you guys hear the music stop, same thing, make sure you guys

are listening.

To Whole Class: ok, the first one is the heel lift. Has anyone here ever done a

butt kick before?

To Josh: Ok can I see a butt kick Josh, alright very good.

To whole class: ok, so the cues for the heel lift are going to be, the first cue is

going to be land on right foot bringing left foot up behind. So what this is going to

look like when we’re jumping over the rope. Land on right foot and bringing our

left foot up behind.

To Trent: Trent can I see that? Alright very good.

To Whole Class: Our next cue is pretty much the same thing just opposite.

We’re going to land on our left foot and bring our right foot up behind, same thing

just opposite leg. Also in between these you’re going to be landing on both feet.

So how it’s going to look is start with going right foot up, both, left foot, both.

We’re going to keep alternating just like that.

To Whole Class: Does everyone have that?

To Whole Class: Ok, now what I want everyone to do right now is line up in two

even lines going across. Let’s have one line on this black line right here, and the

other line on the black line right behind them. For right now let’s put our jump

ropes down a couple feet in front of us

To Whole Class: Ok, now what we’re going to do when the music plays, we’re

just going to work on our cues. We’re going to go land on right, then both. Ok,

does everyone got that?

To Whole Class: Ok, so what are we doing when I say go?

To Josh: Josh?

To Whole Class: Alright ready? Alright we’ll were going to forget the music for

right now. Alright everyone so when I say go we’re going to start working on our

cues. Ready, go.

To Whole Class: If you guys are having trouble with this make sure you’re

slowing it down and taking your time.

To Nicole: Good job Nicole.

To Tyler: There you go way to take your time Tyler, good job keep working on


To Whole Class: Alright, you guys can stop. Alright now what we’re going to do

is pick up our ropes and were going to spread out in the gym and work on this.

So when I say go I want everyone to spread out, make sure your giving each

other enough space so you don’t hit each other with the ropes. Alright, go.

To Josh: There you go, good job Josh.

To Daniel: Good job Daniel

To Whole Class: Alright, everyone stop. Alright, is everyone having an alright

time with this, is it too tough or too easy?

To Nicole: How about you Nicole, is it too tough or too easy?

To Whole Class: Alright what we’re going to do now is if it’s too easy for you try

speeding it up, but if you guys are having a little trouble, make sure you guys are

slowing it down and make sure your taking your time and time it up.

To Whole Class: Alright let’s try it one more time, try and speed it up or slow it

down. Alright, ready? Go

To Andrew: Good job Andrew, try and slow it down if you’re having trouble.

To Dave: Good job Dave, try and speed it up.

To Whole Class: Alright, stop. Alright everyone bring it in real quick. We’re going

to go over our second skill. Alright now the second skill we have today is the

straddle run. What this is going to look like is your pretty much going to be

running back and forth, and your almost going to pretend like your straddling

something and jump back and forth.

To Whole Class: So the cues are going to be jump to the left and you’re going to

land on your left foot, so you’re jumping to the left landing on your left then

jumping to the right and landing on your right, and it’s pretty much alternating

every time, left, right, left, right.

To Trent: Alright Trent can you show everyone that?

To Whole Class: So what this is going to look like is you’re jumping to the right

landing on your right, jumping to the left and landing on your left.

To Whole Class: Alright everyone got that? Alright so let’s line up now giving

each other enough space and we’re going to practice the straddle run. Alright get

ready. Alright, ready? Go.

To Whole Class: Make sure you’re slowing it down if you’re having trouble.

To Josh: Good job josh, maybe try and slow it down a hair.

To Trent: Good job Trent.

To Dave: There you go Dave, left, right, left, right.

To Tyler: That’s alright Tyler, maybe try and slow it down a little.

To Whole Class: Alright everyone bring it in.

To Danielle: Danielle can you tell me a cue for the heel lift. Yup, very good.

To Tyler: Tyler, how about a cue for the straddle run. Very good

To Whole Class: Alright that was a good job today, next time were going to continue

our jump rope lesson and were going to kind of mix these up, and we’re going to try the

twisting heel run

To Whole Class: Alright guys good job today, keep it up!

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